Antioch: 69-Year-Old Female Found Deceased on Boat Parked on Lawton Street


At 4:54 pm Monday, Antioch Police responded to a report of two people on a boat that required medical attention at Lawton St and Lindberg St in the City of Antioch.

Upon arrival, police located a 69-year-old female was deceased in the boat and a 69-year-old male was transported to a local hospital by AMR after being treated by Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters.

According Lieutenant Powell Meads, it appears both were residing in the boat and did not observe anything suspicious in the incident.  He highlighted that a friend who had not heard from them in a few days came to check on them which when he arrived called for help.”

Meads explained the male was unconscious and having trouble breathing when police and fire arrived on scene. They have no idea at this time how long the two were in the boat and did locate paraphernalia inside the boat.

No other information was available as Meads said they are investigating if this was medical related, drug overdose but did not suspect foul play or trauma.


  1. People residing in a boat in a neighborhood of $350,000 homes? And the media tells us we live in the greatest economic times ever.

    • No that’s the claim Trump makes. The media just keeps on repeating his lies. The question is what has Trump done to help anybody but himself. Trump is so busy campaigning and stroking his own ego that he has no time to care about you me or anybody let lone a woman dying in a boat on the street

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  2. Uneven distribution of Fentanyl in the drugs means that one dose may be survivable, the next one may be fatal. It has been characterized as the “Chocolate Chip Cookie” effect, because it’s similar to the way one cookie in a batch contains a lot of chips, and another cookie may have only one or two. The problem is that, unlike looking at the cookies, the Fentanyl is not visible. This has been causing very serious spikes in mortality in many areas of late, and we are likely seeing the results here.

  3. But it’s still ok to leave the borders open so we have a huge supply of drugs. Crazy California has gone so far left they fell off of the cliff. Well at least the drugs are in safe hands residing in sanctuary cities.

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