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$4 Million Worth of Cannabis Seized in Antioch

by ECT

An operation by the California Department of Cannabis Control Wednesday resulted in the seizure of nearly $4 million worth of cannabis in the City of Antioch.

On August 31, DCC’s Law Enforcement Division (LED), with assistance of the Antioch Police Department, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Antioch City Code Enforcement, served eight search warrants on unlicensed indoor cannabis cultivation’s in the city of Antioch located in residential homes.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Department of Cannabis Control.

Although no arrests were made, seizure included:

  • 447.65 pounds of cannabis flower
  • 5,251 cannabis plants
  • $3,991,391 estimated retail value
  • $7,880 in cash
  • 1 firearm

Antioch City Code Enforcement red tagged all eight locations, effectively removing the houses from the power grid for code violations related to improper electrical wiring.

It was reported by multiple residents, police began in the early morning hours in the area off Prewett Ranch on 49er Way, Mojave Way, Sanger Peak Way and Vallecito Way among other locations.

“We are grateful for our federal, state and local law partners, whose efforts help us protect residents and, in this instance, take down illegal operations dangerously straining our power grid,” said the Department of Cannabis Control in a statement.

On August 25, the Department of Cannabis Control announced it had seized over $1 billion in illegal cannabis from illicit operations. This include the large busts in Los Angeles and Riverside Counties.

Over the last 13 months, the Department’s law enforcement team has led and assisted other agencies in the service of 232 search warrants, seized more than half a million pounds of illegal product, and eradicated over 1.4 million cannabis plants. This effort has removed more than $1 billion worth of potentially harmful and often untested cannabis products from the market and eliminated 120 illegal firearms from the hands of criminal enterprises. The team has also recovered $2.3 million in illegally obtained assets.

Brentwood Announces Increased Penalties for Illegal Cultivation of Marijuana

The Brentwood City Council approved a new ordinance clarifying that administrative fines can be placed daily on each and every marijuana plant cultivated in excess of the number of plants allowed by state law to combat illegal grows.

Photo credits: Courtesy of Department of Cannabis Control.

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