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#116: A Chat With Contra Costa County Republican Chair Matt Shupe

by ECT

On this episode, I chat with Matt Shupe who is the Chair of the Contra Costa County Republican Party.  He is also a political consultant and does Public Relations Work.  We discuss a variety of issues including Gavin Newsom, COVID-19 shutdowns, status of the republican party, how to get involved and a variety of other items.

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Episode Overview:

  • 00:25 – Introduction of Matt Shupe who is on the show representing himself, not any client or political party.
  • 03:05 – We talk about Harmeet Dillion and her law firm including the Center For American Liberty filing several lawsuits as Governors and states overstep their power. Shupe argues there is politics over science
  • 06:14 – We talk about COVID-19 Hypocrite number one in Governor Gavin Newsom and the dinner at the French Laundry which Newsom apologized and told the world what happened, however, the photographs released show a different story. Shupe also brings up Nancy Pelosi and the hair salon incident.
  • 12:40 – We talk about the lack of accountability, which is happening in Contra Costa County due to the District Attorney’s Office. Shupe says Diana Becton has legalized petty theft under $950 which has huge ramifications. We talk about how in this county, the victim has become the criminal—such as the incidents at Bourbon Highway in Walnut Creek.
  • 22:36 – We jump back to California going into the Purple Tier.  The hypocrisy over enforcement of businesses being shutdown but its okay for hundreds of people to protest, but churches also can’t gather.  We jump into Assemblymembers Kevin Kiley and James Gallagher.
  • 24:22 – We talk about Kevin Kiley being public enemy number one as he fight against Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) which was introduced by Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego). AB 5 was rejected by voters who approved Proposition 22 by 58% who support the gig economy.
  • 26:35 – we talk about this Hawaii trip by California legislators during a so called 14-day quarantine for travel in and out of California.
  • 30:48 – I explain what is going on with City Managers, Police Departments, City Governments have retreated on giving out information – no real discussions are occurring in local governments. Community wide discussions are really not wanted, just rammed through policy and ordinances. Shupe jumps into lack of Public Records Requests not even being responded to, which is what is happening at the California Department of Health.
  • 39:05 – Bring up Governor Gavin Newsom possible curfew coming soon.  We get into science vs. data.
  • 43:50 – How people can get involved over the next two-years before the 2022 elections, if people want to get involved with possible running for election, what needs to happen now? Shupe says the goal is to build a bench.  We talk about Assembly District 11 which is currently held by Jim Frazier.
  • 51:55 – I ask Shupe if he believes Gavin Newsom will run for President in 2024.
  • 55:48 – I argue how California Legislators should be rolling back regulations during COVID-19. There is still a backlog of unemployment claims. Shupe talks about the failures of California Departments such as the DMV.
  • 57:13 – Shupe talks about the problem with Republicans in California—who focus on bland topics such as budget.
  • 57:48 – We talk about Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) director Rebecca Saltzman tweeting out that Debora Allen’s victory “shows the not-so-hidden racism of East Bay suburban residents”.  Shupe highlights how she is actually calling a lot of democrats racist because Allen’s District is only 23% republican.  I explain how Director Mark Foley is an east county representative but is pandering to San Francisco and Oakland.
  • 01:03:31 – We briefly touch on Congressman Eric Swalwell on his failed Presidential run.
  • 01:04:11 – Shupe provides advice for people who want to get involved and possibly even run for office.  We get into homeless, what is going on in Texas with people moving out of California.  This idea what republicans in Contra Costa County run out of nowhere, no one knows who they are.
  • 01:12:30 – Why can’t republicans get together in some of these local city council races and decide on which candidate to run so they don’t split the vote – which happened in some local races, including City of Brentwood.
  • 01:18:57 – Shupe talks about his focus over the next two years. He calls the biggest goal for 2022 is to replace the Diana Becton, Contra Costa County District Attorney.
  • 01:21:01 – Shupe plugs how people can get in touch with the Contra Costa County Republic Party and www.LibertyCenter.org

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Robert C. Nov 19, 2020 - 6:20 am

Some of Mr. Shupe’s criticisms of California’s leftist Democrats are valid. But if the Republican Party hopes to become competitive, it’s going to have to enlarge it’s appeal to moderate centrist voters. That means it’s going to have to develop the backbone to reject Trump and Trumpism. So far, the Republican Party has shown the collective spine of a jellyfish in standing up to the worst president in history.

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