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#108: A Chat With Brian Swisher, District 1 Brentwood City Council Candidate

by ECT

On this episode, I chat with Brian Swisher, former Brentwood Mayor who is running for Brentwood City Council in District 1. We talk about a variety of issues from why he is running, the need for better city leadership, police services, development and infrastructure.


Episode Overview:

  • 00:33 – Introduction on Brian Swisher. Who he is and why he is running after previously serving as Mayor in 2002-2006.
  • 02:37 – Swisher explained why he did not run again in 2006 due to medical issues for his youngest son and family came first. We get into Brentwood moving from 2-year mayor terms to 4-year terms.
  • 08:20 – why he is not running for mayor, why city council?
  • 09:30 – Swisher says Brentwood needs a better direction and leadership has faltered. We get int economic development and Amazon going to the City of Oakley.
  • 15:15 – We get into bringing business/jobs to the City of Brentwood.
  • 21:10 – We chat about PA-1
  • 24:55 – We get into growth and infrastructure. We get into the near screwup by the city council on costing residents an extra $7 million on the $44 million Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • 32:50 – We talk agricultural in Brentwood and how to improve it.
  • 34:10 – We jump into growth and how Swisher believes Brentwood has grown “right”.
  • 40:19 – Swisher says people on the City Council are making votes to pander for votes rather than what is best for Brentwood.  We chat about Deer Ridge and Shadow Lakes and the time the council has spent on this area given how 3 councilmembers live in this area.
  • 44:08 – We go back to Agricultural and expand it, make it better and possibly get more wineries.
  • 49:28 – Swisher provides his thoughts on the Brentwood Police Department.  He calls defunding the police department a “terrible idea”. He provides his thoughts on how Brentwood Police can better engage the community.
  • 57:35 – We talk homeless in Brentwood and how right now, solutions are basically just spreading them around in the area. Swisher calls it a statewide issue. Swisher reminds the community that many fought against the battered women’s shelter. He says this issue needs to be more of a regional effort.
  • 1:05:20 – We get into the youth center vote and the 4-1 vote. Swisher says Brentwood has ignored the youth for a long time and is 100% in support of it.
  • 1:07:02 – Swisher talks about Bridle Gate project which passed in 2005 which was 165 homes and provide access from the Bypass to Shadow Lakes which would stop the driving through Raley’s parking lot to their homes. He highlights how Seeno is trying to take advantage of every loophole it can and Swisher urges the council to “deny, deny, deny” this new proposal. He talks about how development creates infrastructure.
  • 1:09:28 – We close on Senior Services and bring more services out here.
  • 1:12:33 – How has the last 20 years changed his perspective on life and leadership serving at 30 as Mayor and now nearly 50. How has life experience helped him.
  • 1:15 – Why should voters support Swisher?

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Jg Sep 30, 2020 - 9:52 am

Good man, Really cares about his city, Has experience, and deserves all of Brentwood’s support.

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