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#102: A Chat with Ken Turnage II, District 3 Antioch School Board Candidate

by ECT

On this episode I chat with Ken Turnage II, candidate for Antioch School Board in District 3. We get into why he is running for school board and how parent involvement opportunities need to be improved, school safety and building bridges between the community, school board and City of Antioch.


Episode Overview:

  • 01:04 – We jump into the elephant in the room which were his comments on COVID-19 and herd immunity and if Kenny would have done it differently.
  • 02:27 – We get into why Turnage is running for school district
  • 03:50 – we discuss parent involvement and how Turnage believes he can help improve that. We get into the idea of moving school board meetings to Saturdays to potentially ensure more parent involvement.
  • 09:14 – we get into the Antioch vs. San Ramon debate. Why the comparison?
  • 09:58 – Turnage gets into how he would help reduce chaos on the school board.
  • 14:04 – How do you feel about how Superintendent Stephanie Anello and Administration have handled dealing with this school board?
  • 16:16 – Turnage provides his opinion and thoughts on School Resource Officers and safety.
  • 20:38 – How would Turnage better work with the City of Antioch and School District to work together for common goals versus pointing the finger.
  • 26:00 – We talk about this idea that school board members can change “test scores”. Turnage talks about it has to do with parent involvement and buying into the academies within AUSD.
  • 27:48 – We talk about the AUSD Budget.
  • 31:10 – Turnage shares his opinion on Charter Schools
  • 34:25 – Has the school board participated enough with the launch of Distance Learning?
  • 39:19 – Final thoughts, Turnage highlights his vision for the District upon returning to actual learning.
  • 42:05 – Turnage highlights why voters should consider voting for him for Antioch School Board.

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Jason Sep 17, 2020 - 12:55 pm

WHAT A JOKE!! Why won’t HE LEAVE THE CITIZENS IF ANTIOCH ALONE?? He’s already been fired from one Antioch position. ENOUGH OF KEN TURNAGE II ALREADY.

Loretta Sweatt Sep 18, 2020 - 12:13 am

Lamar Thorpe was fired, so to speak, from the Economic Development Commission, should he go too. BTW I hope everyone knows that Commissions are volunteer work, not jobs, nobody gets paid. It’s like a shoe in to run for higher office like Council or Mayor. Many of them were Commissioner.

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