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#067: Brentwood Police Chief Talks Community Policing During COVID-19

by ECT

On this episode, I chat with Brentwood Police Chief Tom Hansen about how the police department is dealing with coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact on community policing. We get into a variety of topics from police response, the stay-at-home directive, essential business vs. non-essential to other topics.

Episode Overview:

  • 00:30 – Intro
  • 02:00 – With all the rule changes over the past few months, how difficult has that been on the police department?
  • 03:59 – What has been the biggest challenge from a policing standpoint?
  • 05:16 – How does one do social distancing in a police department? What is your protocol?
  • 06:20 – Does Hansen believe the community of Brentwood is taking the COVID-19 seriously and obey some of the directives?
  • 07:30 – Essential business vs. non-essential business and how police respond. Adjusting patrol to limit burglaries of business who are shutdown. Overall response to crime.
  • 10:24 – Has Brentwood police issued any tickets for social distancing?
  • 11:12 – Will Brentwood police enforce people wearing mask and gloves?
  • 12:55 – How is Brentwood Police working with neighboring police departments such as Antioch Police, Oakley Police, Contra Costa County Sheriff and CHP? Are there similar guidelines to mimic one another? We get into the overreaction vs. underreaction.
  • 17:35 – Brentwood Police now have to “suite up” into protective gear on certain call responses
  • 20:26 – How is Brentwood Police are now responding to calls regarding the homeless
  • 22:30 – How can the community help Brentwood Police?
  • 23:10 – What is the biggest thing Chief Hansen seeing from a calls for service standpoint?
  • 25:17 – Brentwood PD is updating their Facebook Page frequently with information
  • 26:40 – Brentwood PD riding around with the Easter Bunny around town for the kids
  • 29:47 – How is the Brentwood City Council working through this with the police department? We also get into impact COVID-19 may have on city budgets going forward with loss of revenue.
  • 33:37 – closing

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Linda Apr 10, 2020 - 10:31 am

I had to go out to the pharmacy yesterday and was very surprised ( haven’t been out for a while) to see so many cars and people out.. went in to the pharmacy with probably a 3rd of the people in Luckys not wearing face protection. So we not want this to end? Please wear face protection when out and STAY HOME.. we aren’t out of the woods yet!

MARIAH Apr 11, 2020 - 7:58 am

Exactly! We have been in for a long time and I finally needed to restock. So many cars out, and people inside stores crowding and not wearing masks. Angering because they do not use their brains to be considerate or smart. Also, stop bringing your kids and babies if you don’t have to. I get it, some dont have a choice, but if your teen kid is with you along with your 3 other little babies .. bad choice. Leave the oldest ay home with the kids. Also, stopppppp crowding others in the aisles.

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