Volta: Rumors of Harm to Liberty High School Students Found to be Baseless


On Thursday morning, Brentwood Police were on the Liberty High School campus due to rumors about students being harmed.

The rumors were started on social media which were triggered from an incident that began in Discovery bay involving a 14-year-old who broke into the school, stole items and left a threatening note. The rumors online also tied in Sandy Hook Anniversary. The rumors also began to advise parents to keep their kids home from school while the staff was advised of the same.

According to Superintendent Eric Volta, he stated irresponsible online comments were made that triggered the police to be on campus Thursday.

“I just came from the school and law enforcement has looked into every rumor and found them baseless. They are on campus today to calm feelings,” said Volta.

He added that the family involved has been cooperating with police and thanked Brentwood Police for their due diligence in investigating the rumors.

Principal Heather Harper addressed parents in the following message:

Dear Liberty Families,

It has come to our attention that there is a rumor on social media of a student making a threat against Liberty High School.

Administration has been working with local law enforcement to investigate the situation. Although law enforcement has found no validity to these rumors, we are taking appropriate precautions as a result of the recent events in Discovery Bay. We will have additional police present in the local area and on campus to help ensure Liberty High School is a safe environment. Student and staff safety is always the primary focus at Liberty High School. I look forward to see all of our students tomorrow as they prepare for their finals next week.

Thank you,

Heather Harper
Principal, Liberty High School


  1. I’m sure they are baseless and it’s easy to start a rumor. Unfortunately what isn’t baseless are the idiotic individuals who might be tempted to turn up with weapons to “defend” themselves and fulfill their own prophecy.

    If the school are concerned enough to lock all doors out of abundance of caution, then I should be concerned enough to keep my student home for similar reasons.

  2. Based on my reading, it is Eric Volta who is making irresponsible comments. If something does happen I’m sure that he will apologize for underestimating the serious nature of this issue. Just like they did after Sandy Hook, Columbine and Virginia Tech.

    Some people never learn.

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