Two Dogs Beaten to Death, Burned and Buried in Brentwood



A Rottweiler and German Shepherd were brutally murdered Saturday morning in Brentwood on Concord Ave and Creek Road after they got loose.  The dogs were reportedly beaten to death with a shovel and later burned and buried in which law enforcement is saying its within the law.

The dog’s owner, Ellen Barkley, had sought help in locating her two dogs (Luke & Jager) and folks from as far away as San Jose made the trip Saturday to assist in the search.  During the search, it led them to Concord Ave and Creek Road where they came across the man who admitted he had killed the dogs and would not give them back. It was originally believed the dogs were shot, however, the person who killed the dogs admitted to using a shovel to beat the dogs to death in order to protect his livestock.

Barkley explained that the man who admitted to killing the dogs told her that her dogs killed 20 chickens and 10 turkeys but there are no bodies or proof an attack occurred Saturday.  Barkley also explained that the neighbor where the act occurred watched and did nothing while later lying about the incident.

After beating the dogs with a shovel, the person took the dogs to another location where he worked. At that location, he then dug a hole, put the dogs into it, poured gasoline on the dogs and burned them. He  later covered the hole and compacted the dirt with the equipment.

Initially, he would not share the location of the dogs and would not cooperate with law enforcement–however, Monday, he had changed his mind.

According to Barkley, animal control used the term “horrific” when speaking about the incident.  After a 24-hour period had passed, Animal Control went out Monday to dig up the dogs—the ashes were still warm according to Barkley.

“At this time, he only signed a confession saying he beat them to death with a shovel,” said Barkley Sunday. “I miss my boys very much!”

Barkley explains that the dogs got out around 6:00 am on Saturday. Brentwood Police were called to let them know the dogs were in the backyard but had escaped. The dogs traveled about 10-11 blocks from backyard to where the incident happened on Creek Road.

Barkley, who got the remains of her dogs back Monday afternoon, says Animal Control spent hours trying to uncover the dogs and that the ashes were still warm.

“The Animal Control Officers have been amazing,” says Barkley.

“We have only gotten one of the two collars back. The tag was covered in blood. The chain is broken, I don’t know how it was broken or snapped,” said Barkley.  “Where is his outrage at this incident? Why did he not call police or animal control over the deaths of chicken and turkeys? We had 100 people looking for the dogs.”

She thinks more than two people were involved.

“You just can’t brutally murder an animal. There is no way he took a shovel by himself and killed these two dogs by himself and not a mark on him, not even a scratch. My dogs would have run. Someone had to hold them down. They would have run,” said Barkley.

When asked how they came to the conclusion that the incident occurred on Concord Ave/Creek Road, Barkley explained that they had several people on FIDO site tell us they saw them in the area, another said they just were running off.  Her daughter went out at 9:00 am to pass out flyers. Peter Wolf saw it happen and didn’t do anything.

According to Animal Control, they are still in the process of writing its report no information is being released at this time. The Brentwood Police Department is still in the process of investigating the incident and nothing is being released at this time.

As the case is still being investigated, Barkley says this was animal cruelty and excessive force.

“This is excessive force; I understand he has a right to protect his chickens, but its animal cruelty.  I’ve been in rescue for three years, I’ve seen horrible hideous things and incredibility horrific things such as malicious intent, these dogs were incredible and technical listed under rescue dogs. They were my dogs,  but they were listed under foster they help acclimate,” said Barkley. “They were such gentle loving dogs. I just can’t believe I am never going to see them again. To not give me back my bodies. Not even saying you owe me money for my chickens, where is that? He was hiding behind a tree.”

We will update this story with more details once Animal Control and Brentwood PD release their reports.



  1. I pray justice is served & this man rots in HELL! I would also hope his employer fires him for committing this act on their property…Besides, who would patronize a business that would allow this sort of conduct? Apparently, this guy has a lot of experience with a shovel as this is the inhumane way he probably kills his chickens, etc.

      • Bull shit. This man needs to rot Screw the christian thing. Would you tell us this is not the christian way if it was your child or your family member. These dogs were her family not just dogs you ignorant ass.



        • If these dogs were her family where was she when her family was missing? Why is she not facing any criticism for her dogs getting out? There are multiple ways to explain the decision of the ranchers son on how he handled the situation but I see none to explain the dog owners.

    • Has anyone else noticed how these comments are being sorted in favor of this ill-responsible dog owner? Take a look at the timestamps; why are they all mixed up?

      • Yes, for those of us who think this story is overblown and the dog owner should in fact pay for the ranchers animals because her dogs got out, due to her irresponsible behavior, must reply to the other threads to get our views seen.

      • He is probably on administrative leave because of the death threats from people like you who have nothing to do with this story yet wish harm to someone who you have never met and was in a situation you do not know all the details to. Get over yourself and move on with your life. If there was any ill intention let the police figure it out, we are a country of people that are “innocent until proven guilty” although the media seems to regularly disregard that and paint people as criminals with no regard to their life and say “sorry” when it turns out they had nothing to do with the story or were proven innocent of any wrong doing only to get ratings. I wish the FCC would heavy fine newspapers for reporting false information or half a story so they could the first to report it. Hell the BBC a British based news agency is more accurate on a regular basis than any US based news agency on US stories.

  2. This law needs to change, this is not right! Why didn’t he just call the owners after he killed the dogs and hand them over. He went extreme in burning and burring them. This doesn’t add up.

    People are sick!

    • It is a common practice to burn dead animals as not to attract any other predators to the farm. You can argue that he is not a courteous person for not having informed them but the dog’s owner is irresponsible for letting her dogs run away and kill another animal.

  3. This is horrible. I could be wrong, but isn’t there an ordinance about having chickens in a Brentwood residential area anyways? Not sure where this was, but the house on the news looked like it was in a residential area.

    • Hi Debbie! It is 3.44 acres WITHIN Brentwood City Limits. “Rural Residential Improved 1-10” so my best educated guess is that he can in fact have chickens and turkey.

    • Wrong Brentwood hun, this is not Los Angeles, this is a rural area of northern California between the Bay Area and Stockton. Read the story and look at a map.

  4. So sorry to hear about this. I can’t imagine the pain this owner is going through. This man deserves to be charged with animal cruelty. If he can do this to dogs then I can bet he’s abusing either his kids or wife, or did at one time. Whether these dogs killed his chickens and turkeys they still don’t deserve what he did to them, he should of called the animal control. Disgusting and hopefully he has some kind of punishment done to him.

    • The burning was excessive, yes, but killing? No. I’ve seen dogs in attack – even the sweetest, most timid dogs can become killers. If he tried to shoo them off with a shovel, it’s easy one came at him so he swung the shovel, then hit the other one. Probably then hit them some more.
      Yes, burning the dogs and not asking for compensation for birds was a bit… Odd (if they had killed birds he most likely would ask for compensation and not burn the dogs)
      But stop judging him – Articles are extremely biased and often are full of lies.

      • The article is not biased the guy admitted to killing the dogs and he shows no remorse. Screw him. One day when he’s beaten with a shovel and lit on fire, maybe he’ll understand.

      • O and guess what…I’m judging him. Big time judging… he’s kills animals. Why did the owners only get one collar back.. its prob because the guy did more to the dogs than we know before killing them. Hes an ass. He never called the owners to let them know what happened…fuck him. .”o some dogs killed our chickens okay…so lets brutally kill your dogs with a shovel and then light them on fire AFTER they’re dead. Thats the way to go”… What Fucks!!

        • Or maybe he burned the dogs along with his prized birds, of which he may make a living off of, to avoid attracting other predators from coming and killing more of his livestock. This is a common practice among ranchers, look it up. I realize this will fall on deaf ears and lazy people and no one will actually look it up, they would rather shake their fists at a person they have never met all the while placing no blame on the person who let her dogs get away and cause the incident in the first place.

        • Oh and by the way we kill animals every day for food. Way to go for judging a man you have never met, are not willing to get to know, for a situation you are not familiar with. Maybe you should think about the threats/ill fate you so freely throw out there.

        • You DONT know what happened.
          It’s possible he saw them, grabbed a shovel and went to shoo them, and the dog growled. I don’t care if the dog is a lab, golden retriever or GSD, if it growls at me while attacking I WILL kill it. It’s called self defense. If you look, there’s multiple articles and in one it says that the dogs were going after him. If one dog growls, its possible he hit it, and then the other dog started to attack, or they were separated.
          And honestly, if he had to kill it was a shovel wouldn’t you prefer the dog be cremated then have its bloody body back?
          You must be a city person who doesn’t understand that chickens are money producing livestock OR best friends, and that a dog killing them is worth no more then the chickens. This article is very biased saying that the man is an awful murderer, and most likely has some lies or important information (like the dogs going after the man) left out.

    • How was this animal cruelty? I see a rancher protecting his livestock with what ever means necessary, maybe the closest thing he had to protect the livestock and himself was a shovel. Why are you not placing blame on the dogs owner for their irresponsible behavior that led to their dogs escaping and killing another persons animal/pet/livestock?

  5. We live in Knightsen. Our german shepherd Buddy got out of our property and got in with some cattle. The rancher shot himin the heaf and killed him. We were devastated but also told by the sheriff that it was legal for the rancher to protect his livestock.

    • I am very sorry for your loss. What an unfortunate event…

      There is a difference between a rancher protecting his livestock and this man, going psychotic and brutalizing dogs, hiding the evidence, changing the story, and not showing any remorse for the supposed livestock lost or the grief caused to a family….

      • Going psychotic, you know this because you were there? He defended himself after the dogs came after him. I know the real story- he defended himself. But this will fall on deaf ears. You’d clearly let dogs kill you rather than defend yourself. And he burned ALL the animals for sanitation reasons. But you stuck up narrow minded Californians in your yuppy cities go on saying what you are saying living in your bubble of judgement while the rest of us defend ourselves against the likes of you.

    • Shot in the head. But not beaten with a shovel and then burned. Before owners even got a chance. One shot in the headto protect livestock will kill the animal. Beating them will make the animal suffer in pain for minutes before he died and lighting them on fire is just unnecessary and wrong.

      • What if he did not have a gun, or did not quick access to one? He was in a rush to protect his livestock he grabbed the first thing he could find, probably the shovel he keeps outside the pen. Your lack of understanding shows how much you know about ranches or rural life. They are not all hicks, they do not all own guns.

      • Btw, if you knew all the facts (police were called about someone hearing shots fired in that area) he did shoot the dogs, they did not suffer. The story is EXTREMELY slanted, so many lies its disturbing that you people flocked to it…

      • What is livestock?
        Livestock are domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce commodities such as food, fiber and labor. This article does not discuss poultry or farmed fish, although these, especially poultry, are commonly included within the meaning of “livestock”.

        Hmmmm, looks like chickens are, read a dictionary you ignorant putz.

  6. This is simply appalling….I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that somehow this was legal. What kind of sick society are we living in? My heart is breaking for this family.

    • The kind of sick society that allows you to defend yourself and your property from intruders which includes dogs that should have been under their owners control and not killing another persons animals.

    • I agree. A dog killing a chicken is not the same as a human killing a dog. The people that can’t see this are absolutely out of balance.

  7. My wife is looking for the link to sign the petition the owners stated to change the law. Does anyone know where to find it?

  8. Sorry to say if people allowed the law to pass to stop categorizing animals as property the man would surely go to jail.. But as the law see’s it.. They are merely property.. So next time they want to pass a law like that VOTE FOR IT!!! This disgusts me!!

    • So what are cattle to you? Chickens? Turkeys? Emu? These are all animals in which people make a living from. I don’t care if you consider animals property or family members, if someones animals are killing mine on my land I will protect my family (people and animals) with deadly force. He did nothing wrong. You should be blaming the owner of the dogs for not taking care of them and letting them run free from her property killing other peoples animals, she should in fact be reimbursing him for the animals he lost.

  9. The incident does seem horrific but you must see both sides of the story. As usual, most of you are not being open minded. When you have livestock you do what you can to protect them. It is not always as simple as calling them off or chasing them away. If a dog is attacking my livestock I would grab anything in my reach to stop the dog. I am also aware that if my dog is on someone else’s property that the property owner can do what they need to do to protect their home, stock, children, etc. Keep your dogs at home!

    • You are a compete idiot. Obviously he just killed them for fun! A shovel? Yah sure that was the only way for passive dogs to be handled. There was zero evidence any poultry had been killed and very unlikely for passive rescue dogs to kill chickens. Read the actual articles and cases before being a dummy.

      • How is he supposed to know that the GERMAN SHEPARD and ROTTWEILER were passive rescue dogs?? Maybe the owner will learn to not let her dogs get out. The owner is the most responsible for this.

        • Chris your an idiot! You people are going to kill the wrong persons dogs and are going to be in a world of hurt much worse than was done to these dogs.. I pray that people like you get to learn that before the end of your measly lives! If this was such a problem the people that owned the dogs would be held responsible for the costs, that doesn’t mean they need to be brutally killed. To many people our dogs are family not just property..

          • Would you be saying this is they were attacking his kids? ..Dogs are family to many, yes, and thats why I do everything I can to keep my dog from being able to get out. My dog would NEVER be 11 blocks away from my house. If they are family, then these people need to treat them like family. I bet she wouldn’t let her young children (if she had any) out like she did her dogs. She was an irresponsible pet owner, and her dogs went into the wrong yard. She didn’t love her dogs that much if she didn’t take the time to train them and provide them with a safe environment. Go pray for yourself, maybe you won’t be so ignorant. Whatever happened to personal responsibility?

          • There is no dog more dangerous and aggressive than a person!. The problem are your assumptions “what if…”, the truth is what happen here is the muder of 2 dogs, and whoever did and how he did it, talks about his mental state, that person is dangerous!.

            The problem is your way of seeing things, you say: “The owner of these two dogs needs to learn to control her animals, and not let them out”, and i agree, but you missed the way the killer kills that 2 dogs, and you don’t talk about something that is wrong, then you’re a psycho like that guy?.

        • Its people like you that make these sort of acts happen. It’s not the type of dog, that has nothing to do with it. German Shepars and Rottwilers are highly intelligent and some of the best dogs to have around your family. People who are close minded like you have trained highly intelligent animals to do harm. Honestly this is just as bad as saying “You would have shot that guy too if you had a black guy running toward you” Stop the ignorance.

          • German Shepards and Rottweilers are also highly aggressive when not properly trained. Great dogs when in the right hands. I have a well trained shepard, and I have never had a problem with him leaving my yard. The owner of these two needs to learn to control her animals, and not let them out.

          • Call me racist but if a Yorkie is killing my chickens, I’m grabbing a net and finding its owner
            Anything the size of a husky (even a small husky) or bigger, I’m grabbing a shovel (I’ve been attacked by a husky, that size and bigger they’re plenty dangerous when you don’t know them), anything the size of a German Shepard or pitbull or mastiff or whatever, it’s a gun.
            I’m sorry, but I know that even if these are passive animals, I’ve been attacked by a sweet husky who’d never been aggressive ever, so even if the German Shepard is passive it can turn aggressive and an aggressive German Shepard is deadly.

      • Britt, if you had all the facts you wouldn’t open your mouth. This is a slanted article, complete lies. If you read the report from animal control they were informed that police were also called because someone reported hearing gunshots over there….start with that FACT and you should wise up to know this article is lying all the way through…but you won’t. Sad yuppy Californians

    • Your an idiot dude. She didn’t let the dogs out. It said they got out. A chain broke so that kinda accident happens. Still shouldn’t give someone the right to Beat two animals to death. And on top of that try and get rid of evidence. Shows he knew he did something he shouldn’t have. Don’t get me wrong he was fully in the right with protecting his livelyhood but still there has to be some control there. What if he got killed by these dogs while he was swinging the shovel? Should have called authorities when he realized there were 2 dogs on his property. People are stupid man.

      • You’re an idiot yourself. She has a responsibility, as a pet owner, to not let her dogs have opportunity to get out. They are dogs, and don’t know any better, and she, as the owner, is responsible for keeping her dogs from getting out. Period. If she kept the doors closed, gates closed or put them in a confined area that they can’t get out of, this wouldn’t have happened.

        • I’m with Chris on this one. I raise some purebred sheep. If I saw a strange dog bothering them, it would be shot because they can kill them just as easily by chasing them as grabbing one and bringing it down. I do have a bit of a problem figuring out how he could kill 2 dogs with a shovel. You’d think by the time for the second one’s turn, he’d be long gone.

          I really have a hard time seeing the posts about “murdering” dogs. Murder should be a term reserved for people.

          • You said you would shoot them. You didn’t say you would beat them to death and then bury the evidence. There is a difference. While I agree with you on some aspects, I disagree that this man was in the right. Especially considering the lack of evidence to prove his claim.

        • Everyone’s dog gets out by accident asshole! Society says don’t shit your pants but hey, accidents happen sometimes! Shoot the dog in the leg so that he can’t run anymore and kill your livestock. Don’t beat, burn and bury them. Gah is an idiot too.

          • Thats not true, my dog has never gotten out. I’ve taken the time, as a responsible pet owner, to train him, and built a reinforced gated area in my back yard so keep him in when im gone. Not to mention I put him on a leash. Its a 20 foot leash. Gives him plenty of room to be comfortable and roam his area, all while assuring he won’t go anywhere. Maybe all you irresponsible pet owners can learn something.

        • They were in a confined area….. They got out while she wasn’t home… With no evidence of chickens being killed, you are conveniently ignoring the brutality of the act…. The owner is not responsible for that!

          • Where did it say they were in a confined area? I didn’t read that. It just said the backyard. Are you making up facts just so you can pretend to win an argument? Maybe she’ll learn to put her dogs on leashes when she isn’t home, or maybe she’ll learn to reinforce the gates. Or maybe she should keep them in the house. Stop making excuses for her irresponsibility. This would’ve never happened if she was a responsible pet owner.

    • These family pets got out of their fenced yard. The owner had posted that they escaped and she was out looking for them. This is not a case of owner neglect.

      • Its not owner neglect, it is owner irresponsibility. You’re gonna tell me they didn’t expect such big dogs to be able to break through a measly fence? When I put my dog in the backyard he goes on a 22 foot chain leash. Long enough for him to roam comfortable, but he damn sure won’t go anywhere. Also, maybe if she had trained her dogs they wouldn’t be so aggressive to the point they needed to break through a god damn gate.

        • Animals don’t have to be aggressive to take an advantage of an opportunity if a accident happened, like a chain breaking.

    • Honestly f—- think about it people. If a rottweiler or German shepherd are on my property in which i have chickens or livestock or even my children or wife, i would pursue these animals, if they didnt run off my property or allow me to restrain and tie them up somewhere peacefully then i would not hesitate to kill these dogs in any matter that i so choose, that goes as far as shovels or firearms or whatever i may deem a weapon, including a flamethrower haha. Not all dogs are tame, If a owner is to incompetent to keep their dogs in their possession and safety then they are probably to incompetent to train them im sure. If you claim your dogs as family then im really worried to see how much care of your children you have. A rottweiler and german shephard can be aggressive if untrained in all situations. it may have been a bit excessive to burn and bury these dogs, i just would’ve let them lay in place and called animal control to discard of them. Go ahead people tell me I have issues or im sick, that just makes you to ignorant and afraid to protect whats yours.

      • You are on the right track if you ask me. If they really, truly, were good dog owners. These dogs wouldn’t have gotten out. I’ve trained my dog and put up all the necessary precautions, barriers, and obstacles to keep my dog from escaping the backyard.

          • I do not own a dog myself because I live in an apartment and believe that is not enough space for a dog. A friend of mine has a dog that never leaves his side, I repeat NEVER. He has been off leash in many parks and hiking trails and has never been more than 5 feet from him even when passing other dogs, squirrels, birds etc. That is a well trained dog, one who knows who its alpha is and respects him to the point that he will not stray from his side. How many dogs do you see that are seeing eye dogs, German Shepard in police or military service that listen to commands and ignore other dogs and animals. The majority of society does not train dogs to the extent that they should and we as a society have become used to the idea that a half trained dog is a well trained dog when it is not.

    • I doubt very highly these gentle kind dogs were attacking the livestock (chickens and turkeys). A lot of ranchers have chimed in on this and have all said that they have NEVER had to “kill” an animal to protect their livestock, that they just had to chase them off. It’s my belief these dogs were held down and brutally killed by more than one person… Just say’in

      • Just because one person has been able to chase off other animals does not mean that this person could chase off these animals in a killing mode as they had already killed turkey’s and chickens’s. Where is your proof that the dogs were held down? The fact is the dogs were on another persons property, killing another persons animals.

  10. Once this monster’s name gets published, I hope he gets the same treatment that he inflicted on those poor dogs. The planet doesn’t need people like this. What an odious sub-human. I’ll be happy to help teach him a “lesson”

        • How about removing the subliminal messaging too Burke… look at your browser tab everyone… see how Burke has the word “Murdered” with a colon before the title? So much for your “news” site Burke, you’re nothing more than a two bit smut dealer with crap like that. Come on dude, bring yourself up out of the gutter and be a bit more impartial, or state that this is an editorial so we all can see your obvious slant.

          • Miss your therapy appointment this week? That anger management thing seems to be getting the upper hand again. The paranoia angle was just icing on that psychotic cake.

          • I did, as a matter of fact. I was in a motel in Antioch with your wife and mom.Quite the movers and shakers those two.

          • I remember that one being funny when I was 16 too!

            You keep it classy, MR, and I’ll keep living rent free in your head right alongside all those voices.

          • Burk,

            How about doing us all a favor and removing Medium Rare from East County?

            Consider it a public service.

          • @ Medium Rare in EC,

            You are one sick F**K. Your mentality is that of a delinquent 7th grader. You must be proud.

            Get a life troll.

          • Medium Dummy,

            It’s so easy to point out your stupidity when you write…

            “Burke, you’re nothing more than a two bit smut dealer with crap like that. Come on dude, bring yourself up out of the gutter”

            Then you follow up with…

            “I was in a motel in Antioch with your wife and mom.Quite the movers and shakers those two.”


            “Oh yeah, your kids did watch, that’s right.”

            I figure most people have YOU pegged as the “smut dealer”. Come on dude bring your own self “up out of the gutter”. Your denial is so severe that you have me ROTFLMAO daily. You should sell tickets dumbass! Keep ‘em coming!!!

          • Bro Bro I can here you moan all the way from Pittsburg. Mom said not to share the little family secret. Exposing my short dick syndrome I thought was private. Don’t you remember when we talked about that? I told you to bend over more next time so you wouldn’t be so judgmental. So don’t be so premature and listen to your lil bro. Grab your ankles next time.

          • ECV’sbrother,

            You have problems. Seek some professional help before you end up hurting yourself. If your family members care about you they should have some sort of intervention.

          • Medium Dummy,

            It’s so easy to point out your stupidity when you write…

            “Burke, you’re nothing more than a two bit smut dealer with crap like that. Come on dude, bring yourself up out of the gutter”

            Then you follow up with…

            “I was in a motel in Antioch with your wife and mom.Quite the movers and shakers those two.”


            “Oh yeah, your kids did watch, that’s right.”

            I figure most people have YOU pegged as the “smut dealer”. Come on dude bring your own self “up out of the gutter”. Your denial is so severe that you have me ROTFLMAO daily. You should sell tickets dumbass! Keep ’em coming!!!

    • You probably wouldn’t do anything but sit there and run your idiotic mouth. This man was protecting what was his.

    • You are a disgusting human being, to wish harm on another who you do not know acting in a situation you do not know all the details to.

  11. How incredibly sad and disgusting and so scary that there are human beings who did this brutal act to two lovely animals and pets are out there and who knows what else they have done or will do unless justice is served!
    I am so sorry for the owners loss and for the pain that those two dogs suffered, it’s so sick! The man or people who did this should go to jail forever!
    If they can do this to those dogs who knows what else they are capable of and if they get away with this they are getting away with murder! How do they sleep at night and how do they even have no heart!!
    There is no excuse for this behavior from a human being at all period!

    • So let me get this right… You want a man who was protecting his animals on his property to go to jail forever? This was not murder, there was no evidence that they dragged the dogs onto their property with the intention of killing them. I would have done the same as these men except I would have asked for compensation for the animals of mine that were killed, which they have the right to do. Instead of placing your anger on the man protecting his animals why don’t you look to the person who caused the incident by not securing her dogs. If these dogs were her family, why were they 11 blocks from their home? You are right, “there is no excuse for this behavior from a human being at all period!” but I say that to the owner of the dogs.

  12. And yet NONE of u blame the owner for not reinforcing their cage/fence that would have avoided this whole scenario. Its a shame indeed but its a case of pot calling the kettle black, the dog owner is solely responsible For protecting her animals. Believe it or not I’m on his side, because if it were to happen to me I wanna feel comfort in knowing I legally have the right to defend my property, my livelihood and if all I have is a shovel nearby then I don’t wanna be scrutinized for reacting quickly.

    • Wouldn’t it be a little bit smarter calling authorities. You can’t use self defense excuses if you leave your home and enter the dangerous situation. Have you ever lost something? It happens sometimes without us as humans having no xontrol over it. So animals escape sometimes and it seems like these are responsible dog owners if you read the story before commenting to try and stir the pot. Broken chain over 100 people out looking within a few hours? Sounds negligent to me. Wait that’s not the word… it’s responsible. Good luck never loosing something or having everything happen perfect in ur life

      • Ignorance fits you brown, i have the control to walk outside my house while still on my property to fix the situation, and that fix would be terminating those dogs on site especially if i have children. Authorities may not be there fast enough to react, its okay to lose something but letting it be taken is the problem, no one will step on my property and put my livestock or family in jeopardy, that sounds more like responsibility to me. Negligence is not being able to control your animals that you consider family, I would never put my family in harms way. So the owner is definitely incompetent and very negligent to their dogs and so are you apparently by your comment.

  13. My heart is breaking as I read this story.What kind of person does something like this???!!! And how is beating, burning, and burying these sweet animals within the law? If that’s the law something needs to change NOW! The people involved need to be prosecuted, period! I am just so truly sorry for Ellen and her family. They are in my thoughts and prayers. R.I.P Luke & Jager! (((hugs)))

    • Ah so I should not be able to protect myself from roaming dogs on the street (Los Angeles)? Nor should I be able to protect myself or my pets/livestock on my property from harm? Where do you get off judging someone for protecting his family/pets/livestock? Do you know these dogs personally? How do you know how the dogs would act in a situation chasing a bird, when its chase and pack instincts kick in? Most dogs, especially hunting dogs will flush, chase and kill birds, squirrels, chickens, turkey’s etc. Why don’t you look at the owner and say how dare you provide a sub standard confined area for your dogs, how dare you not train them that to go outside your property is a no no, how dare you blame other people for the deaths of your dogs off your property. How many dogs are killed every day by cars because they break out of sub standard enclosures, the dogs owner is at fault here not the one protecting his animals.

  14. For those of you who are ok with what this man has done and are justifying it by saying he had the right to protect his livestock, are just as sick as he is. Its one thing to protext your livestock, but what this man did was inhumane and brutal. I couldn’t even read the entire story is was so sick. I just pray that true justice will be served and this man will pay for his actions! Thoughts and prayers go to the momma of these babies.

      • I know the owner of these dogs, and she is as far from careless as you are from having a tripe-digit IQ.

        • Well obviously she is careless, her dogs wound up 11 blocks from her house. Maybe she’ll train her future dogs and learn to use leashes from now on. Whenever I leave my dog in the backyard he’s on a leash. Not to mention I reinforced the regular gates, and gated off a separate area in the backyard for him. 2 different gates and a leash, that’s why my dog has never gotten out, not to mention he’s exceptionally well trained. Maybe she’ll learn her lesson. She was clearly careless.

        • OMG she was not careless. They were out of town and had a sitter for the dogs. Geez, why are people so ruthless?

          • Well guess what, if she left her dogs in the care of her sister, her sister was at fault for the dogs getting out. Life sucks, I would never leave my kids in the care of someone that could not keep my dogs in my yard.

  15. It was wrong for that guy to burn, bury the dogs and not tell the owner. However, none of us were there to witness. If a dog is loose and acting aggressive on someone else’s property, they have a right to defend themselves.

    Myneighbor lets their dog sit outside unleashed and it tried to attack my dog while I was walking him on a leash. The owner pulled him off. A month later that same dog was accidentally let out by their 7 year old and ran across the street to me and my leashed dog. I sprayed the dog with Halt (1/10 strength of regular pepper spray). The lady had the nerve to come outside and yell at me for spraying her dog. Then her husband followed me to my home, knocked on the door and yelled some more. I’m a dog lover, but if your dog gets loose I have the right to defend myself and my dog. If I didn’t have Halt I would have had to kick it or something.

  16. Sick and disgusting. I have both chickens and turkeys and yes, it would be a terrible thing to have them killed by dogs, but they are not worth me murdering an animal over. Call the authorities then request the owner give you proper compensation for the loss of your livestock. NOT brutally beat the poor animals to death. I think it’s even more fishy that the BOTH dogs just stood there while being beat to death. Wouldn’t one or both run away after being hit just once? Bite to protect themselves?
    And there was a neighbor that watched it all happen??? What kind of person can stand by and watch that happen??

    • I’ve never participated in a chat like this but feel I must this time. The “neighbor” the report carelessly, I believe, named is a long-time Brentwood resident, an animal lover, a spiritual, family-oriented man who is a new grandfather. My two sons worked with him for years, only two of the many local youngsters this generous family employs every summer at their fruit stand. For those of you tempted to find fault based on sketchy information, be assured that this kind man in no way would condone or participate in these tragic events. Please ignore what appears to be irresponsible reporting.

  17. Concord Ave and Creek Road is on the boundary of residential and country. Ranchers do have the right to protect their livestock. This is what happens when you get city people thinking everyone should live by their rules. Not saying this guy was right in the way he killed these dogs. This is a one sided story written for “city folks”. The owner of the dogs is to blame for not securing her dogs. If you don’t like this law, keep your dogs in the city.

    • There you have it – anti “city fok” hostility festered Lord knows how long waiting for an opportunity like this to happen – and two wandered right up.

      Joe blow from idaho – more like joe blow from The Brentwood Hills Have Eyes brood. This one had his cover story ready… “they done kilt 20 chickens and 10 o’ ma turkeys and so’s I kilt them back with a shovel. Them varmint mutts were too plum tuckered out to run away!” Or be a threat in that case huh. “Then, ah knows dem cityslickers gotsem all fancy lawyers, ah doan wanna lose my land so’s I got to burn an bury the eveedence! Den ah roasted an et all dem birds and we finished dat BBQ just befer sheriff Roscoe showed up. Sure nuff dats how it happened alrighty”.

      Rabid local rancher gits his revenge on the cityfolk. Lesson to cityfolk – check you chain more regularly, the Brentwood Hills have eyes and they’re watching for their chance.

  18. Sick bastard!!!!! May you and whomever was involved or saw and didn’t do anything to stop this vicious attack burn and rot in hell!!!!!

  19. I think its horrible that these dogs died, especially in such a brutal manner, but maybe this lady will learn to be a responsible pet owner and not let her dogs get out. She is most at fault for this, if she really, truly, loved her dogs, she wouldn’t have been so careless. This guy was (supposedly, but I won’t call him a liar when there is no legitimate reason to) protecting his livestock, which he does have the right to do.

  20. The responsibility needs to be on the owner for giving her dogs an opportunity to get out like that. What if this guy’s kids were playing in the front yard and were attacked, just as the chickens were. Then what would you all be saying? Brutal and inhumane? Likely. But its not his fault this happened, its the owner of the dog who is responsible.

  21. I just want to know if everybody would be commenting differently had a child been attacked by the dogs and the man beat the dogs with a shovel to save the child. If it were this scene it would probably have been fine to everyone to beat the dogs with a shovel, right? As far as I know it’s always been my responsibility to keep my dogs on our property and on a leash when they aren’t in the yard. Any breed of dog can be un-predictable with its behavior, you just never know unfortunately.

  22. Okay, yes this was a out of hand and NO, I do not know the brute of a guy who would kill dogs with a shovel. BUT! I have a good friend in another county who has had her valuable show ponies attacked and maimed by loose house dogs and her chickens killed in separate incidents. They are going to court. She has huge vet bills. The owner still has his dogs and they still get loose.

    The owners in her case, keeps letting his dogs out “accidentally” and 2 dogs can create a “pack mentality” and once blooded become very dangerous. She has gone to animal control in her area and filed reports, etc. The pony attack happened after her first 2 reports. She and her neighbors are afraid the next attacks by those dogs packing up will kill a child. They are now into “shoot, shovel, and shut-up” mode. And yes, in their county they will be within their rights to kill those dogs on sight on property. Brentwood is still very rural in character once you get off Lone Tree. This guy would have been better off penning up those dogs and had the law handle it, but California livestock laws still prevail.

    No excuse for being cruel but there maybe 2 sides to this very sad story with nice pets caught up in the middle.

    Also the Jager & Lukes owner says they are rescue dogs being fostered to acclaimate… So she does not know if they had a history of packing up and killing before she got them.

    I will keep my animals close and hope this will be a good lesson to all of us with pets in semi-rural areas to keep them fenced.

    • They were not fosters. It’s driving me nuts that the media keeps saying that. She has had both for well over a year.

  23. Personally I knew the dogs owner and jager was a very friendly dog. They took care of there dogs. Flat out that was Inhumane in every way, justice will b served

  24. This guy is extremely sick minded and should be put away for what he did. Those dogs were someones pets and to brutally kill them was pushing it way to far. poor dogs

  25. While I agree that these dogs should have been secured and the owner is definitely at fault for that, did the owner of the livestock really have to BEAT two dogs to death when it would have been easier to call animal services and eventually collect some sort of compensation? And what’s this about taking these dogs to his place of employment to burn the dogs? That’s sick, and looks highly suspicious. I wonder if there’s any other dogs (or worse) buried on that property?

  26. The man was excessive. It is the owners negligence that the dogs got out, a farmer sees two large dogs attacking his animals. He has an unwanted situation in his hands. He has to react. Why would the man be nice to unknown animals attacking his animals. You guys all talk like this sort of scenario is planned for. He killed the dogs, probably got scared from his overreaction. Tried to cover it up. They real victims are the two dogs. 1. For having a negligent pet owner. 2. Messing with the wrong chicken farmer. Lady needs to get a new pet and take better care of it.

    • But 1 where are the dead birds and 2 how the heck did he beat two large dogs two death with a shovel without at least one escaping?

  27. Yep. No dead chickens. No explanation of how he managed to restrain two dogs so that he could beat them to death with a shovel. Disposing of the bodies so that an investigation of the manner of the killing is nearly impossible. Hesitating to reveal the location of the bodies. Something doesn’t add up here.

  28. I hate morons who don’t follow common practice to call animal control….. I bet he made friends with the dog’s just before he hit them with the Shovel !

  29. Ok tree huggers that have no idea where their next Big Mac was killed after fattening up……. it’s called a farm. To protect the livestock a farmer has the right to do anything deemed necessary at the given moment to save the lives of his animals. ITS THAT SIMPLE….. THERE IS NOT QUESTIN OF RIGHT OR WRONG HERE.

    Any animals killed on a farm that are not to be consumed are burned to prevent the spread of diseases and stop the breeding of maggot’s in this biomass of dead flesh.


    • I want to know how he managed to kill two dogs with one shovel when I can’t even catch one when it doesn’t want to. Dogs are not stupid enough to stand around waiting their turn to be killed. And where is the evidence of their crimes. Turkeys n chickens have a lot of bones….

  30. This is an act of a very disturbed person. If he did it once he will do it again. Held down and beaten to a very painful death? That is NOT protecting your livestock. Throw the book at him!

  31. AS a dog owner, sometimes things happen and they get out! Which is why cities want them licensed, vet’s want them chipped, and why there are great websites devoted to bringing lost pets home. My own dogs got out once when a gate, which has a latch was blown open with a wind gust. Thankfully an ANGEL took them in and brought them to Animal Services where I paid my fine and took my babies home. I promptly replaced the latch, and installed a spring to keep the gate closed. I would have never known there was an problem with that latch if my dogs had not gotten out. Many dogs get out, some can be aggressive, which is why police are called, and IF you have to take matters into your own hands, as a rancher they should know the humane thing to do is shoot it and not let it suffer. This was an act of abuse and he is now hiding under his legal rights. He made sure to burn the remains to cover up his abuse, rather than waiting for authorities to come and notify the owners. The owners have taking responsibility of their dogs, and understand that he was within is legal rights, it is the manner in which he killed and covered it up that people are enraged about.

    • You are a terrible pet owner. My dog has never gotten out in his 9 years of existence. Things happen if you are a bad pet owner.

      • You are correct Chris, I am obviously a bad pet owner, you do not know me, yet you pass judgment so easily. Two can play at that game. I have had large dogs for over 20 YEARS, and in that time my dogs get out once and I am a bad pet owner? OKAY….If your dog is so well trained to NEVER leave your yard as you have stated on this thread, why the need to keep him CHAINED UP in a secure back yard? That is an oxymoron if you ask me, In my opinion you are the bad pet owner. The only way to 100% guarantee a dog will not run away, is to not have a dog.

  32. Bullshit on all this “it’s the owner’s fault for not securing her dogs”. Accidents happen and we should all be good neighbors EVEN when our neighbors make a mistake. No one’s perfect. It’s a mistake, and error, an unintentional accident that the dogs got out. But they OBVIOUSLY didn’t kill 20 chickens and 10 turkeys or there would be evidence. This OBVIOUSLY didn’t happen and was not the reason for the brutal and violent killing of these pets because he BURNED and BURIED the bodies and then used heavy machinery to hide the grave. You people who are defending this person need to understand this is someone capable of horrific violence. He tortured and killed those animals, probably not alone. How comfortable would you be with him living next door to you and your kids? This is a criminal, a violent criminal.

  33. I had to stop reading this because it broke my heart so much to hear of something so awful. I am so sorry, he will get his, I don’t understand how this is legal….

  34. I’m a dog lover. But my dogs don’t get loose. They went onto his property, bottom line. And if in fact they killed any of his livestock, even just one, he is well within his right to kill the dogs. I’m not agreeing with the manner that he killed them, or with the fact that he went even further and burned them. Because I don’t. And now I bet someone will turn this into a gun issue knowing people nowadays. I can see it now, “I had to kill the dogs with a shovel because the government guns laws”. There are people twisted enough to try something like that. But she was not a responsible dog owner and her dogs got loose, how come no one is on her for not taking care and looking after her animals. It’s not the other guy’s fault that they got loose and went into his property. As soon as that happens, if they kill any animals or guy feels threatened, he is allowed to dispose of them. Again I’m not agreeing with the manner it all was done in, but he was within his rights. So no one should be ganging up on him for the act that was done. Everything after though is a different story. And yea, it all does sound a little fishy, but it may be true. Everyone is always so eager to yell out guilty before all facts are in. And since we know that the news will always tell the truth and don’t twist anything to make it seem right or wrong.
    Lets say those dogs came to your house, your son/daughter was outside playing. The dogs attacked your kid. Would you not kill the dogs? If you had a shovel on the ground you would pick it up and beat the crap out of the dog, or if it was a coyote, or cougar and no one would think less of you.
    I really hope that people aren’t challenging the fact that you can do this on your property if it ever happens, but that they are up in arms over how it was handled afterwards. Yea, beating them with a shovel, not humane, not good. But if that’s all you have and need to protect your livestock, or kids, or whatever, you will use it.
    If you can’t keep track of your animals, you shouldn’t own an animal. My dogs have never gotten lose. The owner needs to take some responsibility, she indirectly contributed to what happened by not making sure her dogs could not get out. @JimSimmons42 – I believe you have to tell the owner or police if you kill someones dog. Aren’t dogs considered livestock? Of course this doesn’t apply to accidents like if one runs out in front of your car and you hit it. But if your a good person you would try to anyway and/or take the dog to a vet.

    • I agree with you on the point that they are both in the wrong here not just him…. the farmer just holds the heavier responsibility here… because if he alone hit one dog and got lucky and knocked it out before beating him to death the other dog would have either run or attacked….he had no physical marks…. that being said if the dogs did in fact kill his livestock that day or even previously…. he should have reported it and the dogs would have had to be put down anyways for the fact that they had gotten the taste of blood.

  35. Then why not just shoot the animals, farmers have all right to do so… Why beat them to death? This is disgusting.. I hope they fry him..

  36. There has got to be more to this story than is being told.. Rots and Shepards are large powerful and strong dogs.. How does a man beat one of these dogs to death without a the dogs fighting back? These dogs are strong, no friggin way did one man single handedly beat them..If anyone believes these dogs just laid down and let the man beat them, you are just plain stupid..

  37. Let’s see the police reports. It matters to me that this guy killed and then went to great lengths to hide it. If he was so protective and doing the right thing to save his livestock, why go to such lengths to hide it – coward. It tells me he knows he over reacted, killed them, burned em, buried them, lied. Sounds like when he was confronted he panicked and lied about chickens etc to hide the reality of his actions.

    Personal accountability goes both ways here in my mind. The dog owner no doubt has a large play in this. However, the man who did this is to be held accountable as well. While he may be within the law, he is not to be trusted.
    If there were signs of property damage, or his own body being harmed I would be more understanding. Lacking any evidence that these dogs actually harmed any property, livestock, people, my opinion is not that of the laws and I hold him accountable for his (over, cruel) reaction. We’ll never know most likely what really happened. Sad situation for sure.

  38. INFURIATES ME!!!! I am absolutely appalled!!! This is a horrific & unjust crime—this person(s) should be charged!!

  39. Listen up people, If this S.O.B. can do this to these dogs then I think that law endorsement should take a closer look in the ground at this persons place of employment and his own property because I will bet a weeks wages they will find others bones maybe even ,,,,,,, just saying

  40. Sad but, the property owner is in the right. He CAN protect his livestock by law. The man has received threats thanks to the irresponsible media jackasses.Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. Murder is not an acceptable term to use when referring to animals! P.S when these dogs were discovered they had already killed 40 birds in the coop. So if the dogs charge you are you going to let that happen ,or are you going to hit them with whatever is handy?

  41. Burke has seemed to stretch the story for theatrics and sensationalizing. Murder is a bit much. You can murder a person but an animal is killed or destroyed as animal services do it every day.
    I love dogs and have owned them for years. I also take responsibility for their health and welfare by providing an enclosed area. A person has every right to defend their livelihood. A dog owner unlike a cat owner is responsible for the dog as it is personal property. A cat is a roaming animal and in most cases not property. The big questions that remain are; Were the dogs in the act of killing the livestock? Why weren’t the authorities notified as soon as it happened or even after the dogs were disposed of? If the dogs were set a fire after they were killed would that be a city violation? Were 40 chickens and turkeys zoned for the property that the dogs intruded on ? No matter what, a person can defend himself or his livestock no matter how cute or precious the attacking animals are. The responsibility for the dogs belongs to the owner. The event may be sad or horrific as the dramatized article states but it would have never happened if the dogs owners kenneled properly. As they say about the three SSS’s, shoot, shovel, shut up.

    • Where is your brother? I’m surprised he isn’t in here defending shovel sellers and asking for a tax to have more shovels available to citizens. Anyway, you are right, lame morons should not be allowed to own dogs. Especially if you just leave them unattended for a weekend. Poor dogs, they were unlucky in their choice of their people.

      • @ Medium Rare in East County,

        I’m right here dumbass…just not wasting my time making you look stupid. You are doing such a bang up job, you really didn’t need my help.

        Poor Medium Rare, such an unlucky choice in mental status!

    • @ECVBrother… an error was made in the headline and we corrected it within minutes to remove the word “murder”. This can’t really be “dramatized” as you claim when we interviewed the dogs owner.

      if you want drama Mr. ECVBrother, we have no problem releasing your real name for everyone to see the hypocrite you are when trolling this site.

  42. I am a neighbor of the dogs that were killed. I am heart broken for the family. The German Shepard was extremely gentle. I had him in my house for several hours once when he escaped over a year ago. He was an amazing dog. I met the Rottweiler only once and he was also gentle. I DO NOT believe the man that murdered them. Both dogs would have ran if approached with a shovel. He is a sick person that murdered their pets. He could have called the police to get the dog’s owner to replace his supposed loss of chickens. He murdered those dogs. I hope he goes to prison for a long time.

  43. German Sheppard’s and Rottweiler’s aren’t known as safe pets. I’m glad they didn’t go after anyone’s babies. Be responsible and secure your animals. It is you who is at fault in this ugly situation.

  44. Before you sign a petition google; “child mauled”. German shepherd’s and Rottweiler’s aren’t known as safe pets; that’s probably why they were given up. I’m glad they didn’t go after anyone’s babies. Be responsible and secure your dangerous animals. It is you who is at fault in this ugly situation.

  45. This makes me sick…beating the dogs then burning…really you have to not be okay in the mind to do that ! Getting that mad over chickens and turkeys, OMG this is some sick S.O.B. Thank god it wasn’t kids that pulled the plants in this mans garden, just image what he would have done to the kids ! Sicko..sicko you need to do time for that crime. Call the police or SPCA that what I call smart!

  46. Burk,

    How about doing us all a favor and removing Medium Rare from East County?

    Consider it a public service.

    • @ Tim,

      Medium Rare and ECV’sBrother are nothing more than lowlife creeps. The more they post the creepier they get. Their rants here are just a release for them. Both are very small thinkers and apparently they can’t get satisfaction anywhere else. It’s also known as small dick syndrome.

      Pity the fools.

  47. The jiggy is up I see. Some people just can’t handle the truth so they start attacking. Why does it always boil down to this. Burk is the same way. He can’t stand another view or opinion so he resorts to threats and attacks. Can’t you people just accept the fact that your not as special as you think you are and there are other views? I thought debate and opinion would be a highlight on this blog. I find it more entertaining every time I see comments like jigs and yours Burk. Your site will break down just like the crime in Antioch as long as you are one sided. Instead of informative it is turning into a playground.

    • Oh little brother, you are indeed “special”. So special that they had a special short bus for you back in school.

      Don’t you worry about Burk’s website. It is getting more and more traffic by the day-especially with the help of your juvenile and pathetic cry’s for help.

      What’s wrong little bro? Can’t you just accept the fact?

  48. The jiggy is up I see. Some people just can’t handle the truth so they start attacking. Why does it always boil down to this. Burk is the same way. He can’t stand another view or opinion so he resorts to threats and attacks. Can’t you people just accept the fact that your not as special as you think you are and there are other views? I thought debate and opinion would be a highlight on this blog. I find it more entertaining every time I see comments like jigs and yours Burk. Your site will break down just like the crime in Antioch as long as you are one sided. Instead of informative it is turning into a playground. PSsss, add Tiny Tim to the group too.

  49. If the animals attacked the livestock as reported, then legally they were within their rights under the law. Had the gentleman who killed the dogs simply left the site intact and contacted the authorities, there would be little room for speculation, however, the method utilized to dispatch the dogs and the subsequent actions taken now give the appearance of improprieties and potentially cast doubt on the validity of the report.

    Brentwood Police and Contra Costa Animal Control were already investigating this incident, but with all four local news channels (KTVU, KRON, KGO and KPIX) in the Bay Area picking-up this story, public outcry and national exposure will drive even closer scrutiny and an expedited reporting of the investigation findings.

    We will be monitoring this story closely…

  50. I’m sure this woman bould have gladly paid for the damaged livestock- this was not necessary. I hope this scum gets justice, one way or another

  51. This act whether called legal or not is a evil insane cruel act against these dogs it makes me sick and protest to the marrow of my bones.

  52. There’s also a law that says its okay to shoot someone on your property and kill someone unauthorized in your house. ..but that doesn’t mean if someone is in your house u brutally torture them and then show no remorse for killing them. and kill them and then burn they’re bodies..!! Some people take advantage of laws they can get away with

  53. I believe it be the fault of both. The owner perhaps should have taken extra precaution when securing her animals, especially if she was going out of town, like a comment I read on here stated. While I do not own chickens nor understand the heavy responsibility or constant worry of having them being eaten, I do understand what this man was trying to do as well. Just an individual trying to protect his property and his chickens. However, I also do not believe one man could have beaten two large dogs with a shovel, at least not alone. Which raises even more questions, if there were other individuals involved, there would have been no reason to beat them at all. More than one individual means a higher chance of restraining them a bit easier. Also, I would like to see the evidence of the slain chickens he claims were eaten/left ravaged by these dogs.

  54. Wow this is definitely animal abuse and I am sure this murderer has done this to other animals yes I cant wait till thry publish this piece of shits name and address..

  55. Anybody notice the part where he set them on fire AFTER they were already dead. There is no “see both sides of the story” there is no “he was justified” !! he overkilled them. Dogs aren’t zombies! He didn’t light them on fire just incase they come back from the dead! Theres noreason I can think of why he would light them on fire except he’s heartless and prob did something he wanted to cover up!!

  56. Psychologists know that when someone show you who they really are, believe them. This cretan is a hideous monster and a danger to society. His actions clearly demonstrate that and that he is a sociopath who will victimize society again. With any luck, and Karma, he will not be walking the earth for much longer and society will be better off when that happens.

  57. I love how people claim this article is biased when it is consistant with what other media have produced. The article is not biased, the dogs owner is biased. A lot of hypocrites on this site. Do as I say not as I do I suppose.

    The truth is somewhere in the middle but people need to just chill out and remove their emotions. Mediam Rare, you disgust me in trying to change the topic. The author admitted the error and removed it. What else od you want?

  58. I am a Dog Lover, I rescue dogs, and treat them as family. I also live on a ranch and have my lively hood dependent upon livestock. As sad and unfortunate as this situation is, it is not uncommon. Many dogs are killed because they were running loose. Dogs instinct is to kill poultry. While killing a dog with a shovel sounds cruel, we were not there and cannot place judgment on the farmer who was protecting his farm. We need to seek to understand…both sides and hope to be able to prevent this in the future. I will also say, that burning dead animals is not only common farm practice, it is recommended. Dead bodies attract other preditors to the farm. While I personally, would have handled it differently, I am disheartened that so many people are spending their energy with hate, revenge and anger. I would hope we can come together as a community and spend this energy on a positive solution.

  59. Bro Bro I can here you moan all the way from Pittsburg. Mom said not to share the little family secret. Exposing my short dick syndrome I thought was private. Don’t you remember when we talked about that? I told you to bend over more next time so you wouldn’t be so judgmental. So don’t be so premature and listen to your lil bro. Grab your ankles next time.

    Reply ↓

    • ECV’sbrother,

      Are you on meds? If not you should be. This is no joke, you need professional help before thing get any worse. There is help available, and you need it neighbor.

  60. I am so horrified my arms feel weak to even type. I feel for you and am deeply sorry for your huge loss. I came across your post because I was trying to find information on dogs being killed over chickens. I just don’t think it is EVER fair to kill a dog over chickens. They are not even in the same category, if they were lets face it we would not eat chickens. So an owner of a dog should absolutely compensate a chicken owner for the chickens lost and do their best to keep their dogs at home but it should not be killed. There seems to be way too much protection for owners of chickens and not enough awareness over the threat they pose to dogs. How are the dogs getting the chickens if the owner isn’t even caring enough to contain the chickens? Anyway I just wanted you to know I am in complete agreement it is NOT okay on any level and I understand the horror you must be enduring because this:(

  61. Everyone that commented on wishing harm to Jon Christ are the true evil in this community. Your lynch mob mentality and quick to judge idiocy was laughable then, and now you all have shame on your consciouses. Jon Christ is a good man who raises his family the best he can, takes care of his house, and only tried to help out his dad becuase he was scared he’d get in trouble. You people called for him to come to the same demise as a couple of dogs. Anyone who holds an animals life over that of a humans life is themselves a deplorable, sad, and pathetic sack of transplantable organs waiting to dontate your cargo. Revel in your shame Blindo’s…

  62. If you can’t control your dogs, you shouldn’t have dogs. Both of these breeds were aggressive by nature. If you think dogs will run when confronted with aggression (when they are in an aggressive mode; ie killing a flock of birds) then you are yet another dog owner has no interest in owning a dog. It is a responsibility, take it. I 1000% sympathize with the owner of the poultry.

  63. There was no need for the poultry owner to deal w/the situation in such a brutally inhumane manner. Certainly the law may be on his side, but what’s crucial here is the way it was handled: sneakily, dishonestly, cruelly.

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