Two Dogs Beaten to Death, Burned and Buried in Brentwood

Two Dogs Beaten to Death, Burned and Buried in Brentwood



A Rottweiler and German Shepherd were brutally murdered Saturday morning in Brentwood on Concord Ave and Creek Road after they got loose.  The dogs were reportedly beaten to death with a shovel and later burned and buried in which law enforcement is saying its within the law.

The dog’s owner, Ellen Barkley, had sought help in locating her two dogs (Luke & Jager) and folks from as far away as San Jose made the trip Saturday to assist in the search.  During the search, it led them to Concord Ave and Creek Road where they came across the man who admitted he had killed the dogs and would not give them back. It was originally believed the dogs were shot, however, the person who killed the dogs admitted to using a shovel to beat the dogs to death in order to protect his livestock.

Barkley explained that the man who admitted to killing the dogs told her that her dogs killed 20 chickens and 10 turkeys but there are no bodies or proof an attack occurred Saturday.  Barkley also explained that the neighbor where the act occurred watched and did nothing while later lying about the incident.

After beating the dogs with a shovel, the person took the dogs to another location where he worked. At that location, he then dug a hole, put the dogs into it, poured gasoline on the dogs and burned them. He  later covered the hole and compacted the dirt with the equipment.

Initially, he would not share the location of the dogs and would not cooperate with law enforcement–however, Monday, he had changed his mind.

According to Barkley, animal control used the term “horrific” when speaking about the incident.  After a 24-hour period had passed, Animal Control went out Monday to dig up the dogs—the ashes were still warm according to Barkley.

“At this time, he only signed a confession saying he beat them to death with a shovel,” said Barkley Sunday. “I miss my boys very much!”

Barkley explains that the dogs got out around 6:00 am on Saturday. Brentwood Police were called to let them know the dogs were in the backyard but had escaped. The dogs traveled about 10-11 blocks from backyard to where the incident happened on Creek Road.

Barkley, who got the remains of her dogs back Monday afternoon, says Animal Control spent hours trying to uncover the dogs and that the ashes were still warm.

“The Animal Control Officers have been amazing,” says Barkley.

“We have only gotten one of the two collars back. The tag was covered in blood. The chain is broken, I don’t know how it was broken or snapped,” said Barkley.  “Where is his outrage at this incident? Why did he not call police or animal control over the deaths of chicken and turkeys? We had 100 people looking for the dogs.”

She thinks more than two people were involved.

“You just can’t brutally murder an animal. There is no way he took a shovel by himself and killed these two dogs by himself and not a mark on him, not even a scratch. My dogs would have run. Someone had to hold them down. They would have run,” said Barkley.

When asked how they came to the conclusion that the incident occurred on Concord Ave/Creek Road, Barkley explained that they had several people on FIDO site tell us they saw them in the area, another said they just were running off.  Her daughter went out at 9:00 am to pass out flyers. Peter Wolf saw it happen and didn’t do anything.

According to Animal Control, they are still in the process of writing its report no information is being released at this time. The Brentwood Police Department is still in the process of investigating the incident and nothing is being released at this time.

As the case is still being investigated, Barkley says this was animal cruelty and excessive force.

“This is excessive force; I understand he has a right to protect his chickens, but its animal cruelty.  I’ve been in rescue for three years, I’ve seen horrible hideous things and incredibility horrific things such as malicious intent, these dogs were incredible and technical listed under rescue dogs. They were my dogs,  but they were listed under foster they help acclimate,” said Barkley. “They were such gentle loving dogs. I just can’t believe I am never going to see them again. To not give me back my bodies. Not even saying you owe me money for my chickens, where is that? He was hiding behind a tree.”

We will update this story with more details once Animal Control and Brentwood PD release their reports.