Two Discovery Bay Residents Arrested in Connection With Brentwood Drive-By Shooting


On May 9, at around 10:52 pm, Brentwood officers responded to the 900 block of Sawyer Court to investigate a reported shooting into an occupied vehicle parked in a driveway.

Officers arrived on scene within minutes and quickly learned the only occupant in the vehicle, an adult female passenger escaped unharmed, however the vehicle was struck several times.

According to Lt. Walter O’Gordnick, the gunshots were fired from a moving vehicle that fled the scene immediately after the shooting.

Investigative leads led detectives to Discovery Bay the following day on May 10 where the suspect vehicle was located and recovered, and two suspects were taken in to custody without incident. The firearm believed to be used in the shooting was also recovered. This shooting was not a random act of violence as the suspects and victims knew each other.

The suspects were identified as 21 year-old, Nicholas Hinson and 21 year-old, Cory Simmons both Discovery Bay residents. Both were booked into the Martinez Detention Facility charged with the following felonies:

• Assault With a Deadly Weapon
• Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle

The motive for the shooting is still under investigation. Anyone with information regarding this shooting is encouraged to call Detective Mike Maanao at 925-809-7762.


    • Since when are you on the right side of the law? Only if it’s white guys? You’re as much of a loser as they are.

      • Nope, i don’t care what race they are! THUGS are thugs and know no color. which you don’t seem to understand you think every black kid is a thug and white kids are just trouble.

  1. No expert in law but seems attempted murder sounds more appropriate especially being they knew each other.

  2. I thought the whole idea of building the DISCOVERY BAY community is to keep thugs like that away. How did they get in there?

  3. Dawn: Thugs moved into Discovery Bay 20 or more years ago. They just closed their eyes to the whole drug and influx of section 8 and pretended they had an exclusive club. Now with more shootings and arrests they are trying to clean up to no avail. Mary Piepho was the worst. She had the power and did nothing.

  4. i think they should. of got in more trouble then just that they could of killed a innocent young women who had nothing to do with those guys I feel like they deserve more time in jail and to keep them away from the victims who knows if the , shooters may try and act again they should of tooken more action in all this they should be put down as attempted murder I can’t believe that is there sentence they should do more time for shooting to kill .

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