Three Men Rob AT&T Store at Gunpoint Thursday Afternoon


The Pittsburg Police Department is investigating an armed robbery at an AT&T store Thursday where suspects fled with nearly $30,000 in cash and cell phones.

According to Captain Albanese, the robbery occurred on Thursday afternoon around 4:30 PM Pittsburg Police Officers were called to the AT&T store located at 2110 Railroad Ave. When officers arrived they were informed by employees that three unknown suspects entered the business wearing masks and gloves, each one in possession of a suspected handgun. Once inside the suspects entered the storage room of the business and removed what is estimated to be several thousand dollars of electronics.

The suspects fled the store in a vehicle and onto westbound State Route 4. Pittsburg Police Detectives are currently investigating leads.

The Pittsburg Police Department asks anyone with additional information to please contact the Pittsburg Police Department Tip-Line at 925-252-4040.



  1. The other Nick will be around soon to tell us it’s “gang related.” He thinks everything is gang related. He might be right on this one.

  2. Why work when you can just steal and rob from others? I guess EBT, WIC and section 8 isnt enough for these people. These idiots are just simply stealing from a corporation, they are tramatizing people for the rest of their lives. People and business with their head in the sand are the ones that will be vistims, these scumbags prey on the weak and vulnerable.

  3. Did we ever get cameras we paid for on HWY 4 that was promised? Did they capture useful evidence?

  4. I think stores which have high-end merchandise should keep their doors locked and ONLY admit people BY APPOINTMENT. This includes tech related products and jewelry stores.

    • Dawn – I understand your point, but no one is going to make an appointment to buy something. I understand locked doors too, but a lot of people will walk away from a locked door – and businesses want everyone to walk in. That’s how they make money. They’re willing to roll the dice.

      Also – If a thief has a gun and he’s “locked out” there’s no guarantee he won’t shoot through the window, especially if he’s on drugs. The you have dead employees and customers.

      $30,000 was “cash and electronics” – not just cash. It’s not fishy – it’s business.

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