Superintendent: Warriors Make it Right for Bristow Middle School Choir

Brentwood Union School District Superintendent Dana Eaton


The following was provided by Brentwood Union School District Superintendent Dana Eaton

A few months back, I publicly expressed my disappointment in the Golden State Warriors for some challenges that occurred when our uber-talented Bristow Middle School Choir, led by the amazing Mark Morello, performed the National Anthem before a game.

Today I wish to publicly thank the Warriors and express my appreciation for the way they responded.

Just recently on a Saturday, the Bristow Choir was invited to be special guests of the Warriors during a closed practice session. They were able to meet some Warrior players and coaches who took the time to talk with them. Coach Steve Kerr made a special trip to meet the chorus despite the fact that he was receiving treatment for his back. He patiently answered questions from students and even asked students questions about Bristow School and the choir. The Warriors players and coaches were gracious and generous with their time.

It was a wonderful experience for so many of our students.

I wish to especially recognize Warriors Vice President John Beaven, Warriors Group Sales Manager Maria Valdehueza and Bristow music teacher Mark Morello for working together to create this great opportunity. Ms. Valdehueza even came in on her day off to make sure our students had a great experience. I want to thank all of the parents and music boosters who support our great program and make this type of experience possible.

I sincerely appreciate the Golden State Warriors continuing to give our talented students the opportunity to perform on a stage with one of the greatest sports teams in the world. The Bristow Choir is looking forward to performing again at a Warriors game during the 2017-18 season.