Pittsburg Resident Seeks Help in Identifying Package Thief


A Pittsburg resident is asking for the community’s help in identifying a package thief who stole boxes from his porch after a delivery.

According to the resident, the thief stole 3 Amazon packages on February 23, 2017 at 5:03 pm on Villa Terrace Drive in Pittsburg.

A police report was filed with the Pittsburg Police Department and you are asked to refer to Officer Odell at (925) 252-4980 / Dispatch (925) 646-2441

Here is a link to the surveillance video and I also have attached pictures of this criminal.

Click here for video: https://ring.com/share/2222243075



  1. So my guess is the package thieves work in cahoots with the delivery drivers. Or do they just follow the delivery vans around all day

  2. She makes me want to puke… but this is a great photo of her…. I believe her days are numbered..!!!! How stupid can you get when you know there are cameras everywhere…. Must be that bag she is chasing.

  3. You have to take preventive measures to avoid being a victim. Stay on top of your tracking numbers, and don’t let your packages sit on the porch all day. It screams out “steal me.” Criminals are opportunists, and without an opportunity, there is no crime.

  4. She is Brandi Owen from concord. If you would like to make sure then look at her FB page for confirmation. What a stupid grin on her face, I hope she’s just as happy in her upcoming mugshot at Co Co county jail when she’s booked for being the dumbest, disgusting and most pitiful kind of criminal that excisits. Please pass on the info to the correct authorizes So she can pay for stealing from her peers

  5. This is Brandi owen from concord. Just look at her FB page and pics to confirm.
    Wow what a real piece of work this trailer trash cowboys fan is. And her little grinLBI hope she smiles exactly the same for her upcoming date being booked at Martinez county jail.

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