Grocery Outlet Closing in Antioch on February 2


Grocery Outlet, located in the Antioch Square Shopping Center on A Street, will be closing its doors on February 2 according to the company.

The decision comes after the operator of Grocery Outlet attempted to work out a new term to the lease, however, a deal could not be struck. Rather than move to another location, the store is simply going to let the lease expire and shut down.

According to Layla Kasha, Vice President of Marketing, she confirmed the closure saying it was due to a lease expiration. She stated many of the employees have been offered employment with the other local stores.  She added no other locations will be affected at this time.

Items inside the store have been put on sale as they prepare for the closure.

After the closures, the next two closest Grocery Outlets include:

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market
3160 Buchanan Rd
Antioch, CA
(925) 776-5722
Grocery Outlet Bargain Market
3110 Main St
Oakley, CA
(925) 684-7439



  1. Another failure by the City of Antioch. This shopping center is horrible. It looks dirty all the time, filled with homeless and people who loiter and has a poorly planned parking lot. It also feels unsafe most of the time. No wonder why Grocery Outlet is leaving. Maybe it is time the City spend its money on trying to improve an area versus marketing in San Francisco.

  2. What does anyone expect? I avoid this shopping center at all cost other than starbucks if I am in a hurry. Feel bad for the people who shop there, they have to travel further to the store.

  3. Business is not looking to good for the City of Antioch. In recent months K-Mart, World Market, Animal Hospital, Sears and a Grocery Outlet store have all decided not to renew their lease at one of their locations in Antioch.

  4. Sorry to see it go. I’ll just go to Oakley, but unfortunately a lot of residents in the area don’t drive and can’t do the same.

  5. I like GROCERY OUTLET because they carry a few things I always need. The Buchanan store is closest to me, so I’m glad it’s staying put. However, I do know people who live close to and shop at the one on A Street and it’s such a shame that no agreement on a lease renewals was reached. I have noticed that quite a few restaurants in other parts of the bay area are also closing due to the inability to reach a rental agreement. Some of them have been there for 50, 60 years. What’s going on? How many more will shut down?

  6. Dawn, it is called greedy landlords. Even in San Francisco, Oakland and the rest of the state. They make more leaving places empty. Go figure that one.

  7. One more operator future is at risk with this closing which is is always renewed by company operators don’t have to do anything with lease and it’s always company decision to close the store.pathetic company always lying.whole news is fake.

  8. C’mon, you really think it was the lease? No way, just a good reason to get the hell out of Antioch. More blight. Need someone in charge of economic development for Antioch that makes things happen, not just promoting additional sales tax.

  9. It seems that “A” Street stretching from the I-4 all the way down to the river, has very sketchy strip malls! They need to be GENTRIFIED and fast! They are blighted and resemble something out of South Central Los Angeles! The City needs to get it’s act together and cracks down on the owners of those strip malls! The City should also have it’s reps drive street by street and identify houses which look like they are falling apart with yards looking like crap and get after the owners of those properties.

  10. To much money being spent in newer areas of Antioch! City planning hires consultants instead of investing in fixing up areas leading to historic sites, river etc… I agree A Street is a mess!

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