Fish Kill Being Investigated in Marsh Creek

Photo of dead fish in Marsh Creek in Brentwood by Rick Lemyre/Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed
The Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed announced that several dozen fish have been found dead in Marsh Creek within the cities of Brentwood and Oakley.
According to the organization, late Monday, reports began coming in to Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed of numerous dead fish in Marsh Creek. By Tuesday, several dozen dead fish were found in two locations, one in Brentwood and one in Oakley.
Officials from the Department of Fish and Game, Contra Costa County, and the cities of Brentwood and Oakley are investigating the possible cause.
“Remember, nothing but rain should go down your storm drain, which empties into nearby waterways like Marsh Creek,” said FOMCW Program Director Rick Lemyre. “Runoff from watering your lawn, washing your car or hosing down your driveway can carry with it oil, fertilizer or other toxins.”
No further information was provided. For more information on the Friends of Marsh Creek Watershed, visit their website:


  1. Los Vaqueros watershed is being contaminated too with all the chemicals, trash, plastics along Vasco Road that have been ignored by Contra Costa, EBRPD, and CCWater. It would be great to see a follow up about Marsh Creek water test results.

  2. It appears toxic runoff from trashed roadways is probably the culprit. These government agencies responsible for our roads and drainage need to get off their whohas and get to work. We all pay enough taxes this should not happen.

  3. Local government negligence and look, they are trying to blame the citizens. Lawn runoff.. give me a break, clean your mess up Oakley. City is turning into mini Oakland, it’s disgusting. Try going to Lucky’s or raleys at night now, groups of people just loitering around waiting for a victim. One of my neighbors was shot in the Lucky’s parking lot in broad daylight and they are NOT reporting about it, afraid people will stop buying your overpriced homes?

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