Debbie Gold to Resign as Byron Union School District Superintendent


On Thursday, Debbie Gold, who is the Byron Union School District Superintendent, resigned during the school board meeting.

Gold was hired three-years ago and in July offered to take a voluntary 5% pay cut in a move that was aimed to assist the District who is suffering from financial struggles and needs to start cutting $500,000 from its budget. Gold was making $190,000 for a District with just three school sites.

Gold provided a copy of her statement Friday morning:

“Tonight, the Board made some difficult decisions in an effort to stabilize the district budget. These cuts along with March layoffs will bring the budget to a qualified position and possibly a positive budget.  Either way, it will no longer be negative.

The last year has taken me as far away as possible from every single reason I went into education and I am ready to work in that capacity again- with people, not numbers and with positivity, not negativity.

If you were at the last Board meeting, you heard me say that I was only staying to fix the budget.  I have other things I plan to do and another job waiting for me.

Seeing the direction and decisions of the board tonight, I now feel ok (not good) about retiring from Byron Union School District. I want to thank the 9 board members I have worked with especially my first board of Jeff Sugimoto, Mark McBride, Jill Sprenkel, Betty Sanchez, and Elaine Landro.  I enjoyed my first 3 years in Byron when I was able to visit classrooms, mentor teachers, work closely with curriculum and assessment, and special education.

I have a letter for the Board with my last date in Byron and I will announce it publicly at the November 15th Board meeting after talking to the Board.

I wish this district the best.”


Debbie Gold, Ed.D.


  1. This article failed to mention Debbie Gold’s mismanagement of the small district, she has left behind a complete disaster. This once thriving district now cannot afford paper let alone their teachers & aides. The state had to stepped in because things are so dire. Where did the money go Debbie? You have under reported staffing, supplies and healthcare to allow yourself a $30k raise. Your 5% salary give back is pathetic. You’ve been caught and hopefully the paper trail leads you to jail.

  2. And yet she will retire, and take more money from the district in retirement money when she should have been fired. Meanwhile her next job awaits and she will have a new “mark” to con.

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