County Public Works Reminds Drivers to Observe Caution Around Brentwood During U-Pick Season


Brentwood, CA – Contra Costa County Public Works, in coordination with the Brentwood U-Pick Season, has placed a message board on Walnut Boulevard (North of Marsh Creek Road) in close proximity to the farms participating in the U-Pick Season. The sign reads, “Harvest season, drive safely” to caution drivers to observe traffic laws and remain safe during the busy harvest season.

Residents and U-Pick participants should expect delays during this time.

County Public Works encourages everyone to please obey all traffic laws and plan your route accordingly in the surrounding area. The u-pick season has over 180,000 visitors each year.  Delays should be expected on Highway 4 from Knightsen through Byron.

For a map of the farms participating u-pick farms, please click here.

About Contra Costa County Public Works Department:

Contra Costa County Public Works Department (CCCPWD) maintains over 660 miles of roads, 150 miles of streams, channels and other drainage and over 200 County buildings throughout Contra Costa County.   CCCPWD provides services such as Parks and Recreation, Sand Bag Distribution and Flood Control throughout unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County.  For more information about CCCPWD, please visit us here.


  1. That’s right, I forgot! It’s gonna get stoooooooooooopid starting today! Avoid Sellers Rd. At all costs. The pickers are oblivious to the road, other cars and the fact that it’s a 50! Mph road. Of course slow down but these folks from the bay area are oblivious and WILL pull out, or walk, or let their babies crawl in front of you…. Be alert, stay safe.

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