Updated: Brentwood Police Nab Suspected DUI Driver After Pursuit, Officer Injured


The Brentwood Police Department arrested a man who led officers on a vehicle pursuit before crashing and being taken into custody.

The crash occurred at the intersection of O’Hara Avenue and Sand Creek Road around 5:20 pm Friday.

According to Lieutenant Walter O’Grodnick, the suspect was a Hispanic male in his 30’s from Oakley who led officers on a brief pursuit where he later crashed his vehicle on O’Hara Ave. The driver fled on foot following the crash but was apprehended by officers. During the apprehension he struggled and resisted arrest, but was eventually handcuffed.

“The driver was not injured during the crash and struggle but one of our own sustained a shoulder injury during the arrest. That officer has since been treated and released from the hospital,” said O’Grodnick.

The suspect did strike another vehicle in the crash said O’Grodnick, but the occupants sustained minor injuries and were released from the scene.

The suspect, whose identity has not been released, faces felony DUI charges, resisting arrest and other misdemeanor charges.


On Saturday morning, Brentwood Police identified the suspect as Edward Navarro, a 27-year-ol Oakley resident. He was charged with felony DUI, felony evading, resisting arrest causing injury, misdemeanor hit and run.



  1. This happened right in front of me. I was very shooken up, however I have to say the officers did a wonderful job at acting fast and apprehending the very large suspect and getting him into custody.

    • Mr. G. You are an idiot. So every person with a Latino last name MUST be illegal?! People like you are the problem in our society. Try not to be or sound stupid. Maybe it’s time to get an education, Mr.G.

  2. Deportation time why? The man is an American citizen. Incredible to see ignorance in our people. By the fact of a look it is not possible to name a nationality.

    • J.D. How do you know he’s an American citizen? He may be either a native-born US citizen or one who got his US citizenship via naturalization. If it’s the latter, then his US citizenship can be taken away from him and he can be deported to any country which will take him. It’s been done numerous times.

  3. Jesse – the only idiot here is Edward Navarro. He could have killed someone. If you think it is okay to drink and drive, then hit and run people while running from the police then maybe you need the education.

  4. I agree we have no idea if he’s here legally or not. The reason people get so annoyed is illegal immigration IS a huge problem in American, especially CA. If I was Hispanic, I’d be more annoyed with illegals making the rest of their race look bad than people of others races telling it like it is. Or annoyed with legal citizens committing crimes.

    Certain races do commit a disproportion of crimes, and the rest of us are sick of it. Speaking of education, whites and Asians glorify education. Can blacks and Hispanics say the same?

    If Hispanics don’t want to be discriminated against, how about giving society a reason not to discriminate against you. Racial stereotyping isn’t pulled out of thin blue air. There’s always a basis for it.

  5. I think it’s more of a cultural thing than a racial one. In Europe, there are a lot of gypsies whose occupation is picking pockets ….. and they’re damned good at it. There are even signs (even close to the Vatican) warning tourists that “these are pickpocket areas…beware”

    My great-grandmother told me that there were no such problems during the 1950’s before this huge surge of both legal and illegal immigrants arrived. You didn’t even have to lock your doors at night. Well, those days are long gone. Crime is rampant now and much of it is committed by new immigrants. They admit that the laws here are a joke.

    In certain countries, people simply do not pay attention to the laws. In Egypt, Spain, Russia and other countries, the pedestrian does not have the right-of-way and Americans are in for a very big and unpleasant surprise.

  6. Who cares if he is legal or not. Here are the facts legal or not, he was driving drunk could have killed someone or someones child or some ones mom or dad. I don’t care what color you are, what language you speak, where you are from, DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. DO NOT RUN FROM THE POLICE. DO NOT MAKE LIFE CHOICES WHICH WILL CREATE SITUATIONS FOR YOU TO BE RACIALLY PROFILED.

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