Brentwood Part 1 Crime Increases 1.8%, Response Times Jump 6-Seconds


On Tuesday, the Brentwood Police Department will provide the city council with its annual performance report which will highlight Part 1 Crime has increased 1.8% while response times increased by 6 seconds.

According o the staff report:

  • Between 2015 and 2016, violent crime increased by 36 incidents, or 6.6%. We experienced increases in robberies and assaults. Half of the increase (17 incidents) was due to a rise in simple assaults. Property crime decreased by 3 incidents, or .002%. We observed an increase in auto thefts and a decrease in burglaries and thefts.


  • Total Part 1 crime increased by 33 incidents, or 1.8%.


  • In 2016, the response times to priority 1 calls increased by 6  seconds, and the response times to priority 2 calls increased by 6 seconds. Response times fluctuate annually, and the increase  in response times to both priority 1 and priority 2 should be considered minimal.


  • Between 2015 and 2016, reactive workload decreased from 34,553 events to 34,116 events for a total of 437 events, or 1.2%.


  • In 2015, citizens submitted 580 online reports. This accounted for 9.3% of our crime reports. During 2016, citizens submitted 638 online crime reports. This accounted for 10% of our crime reports. Online reporting is another tool utilized to help decrease the overall workload of our patrol officers.


Response times increased slightly in 2016. Overall, response times are still within a normal range based on a five year average.

In 2016, Part 1 crimes increased by a total of 33 incidents. Though any increase is unacceptable, it is important to note that our Part 1 crimes per 1000 population ratio is slightly  below our 10 year average.

Even though our population grew in 2016, we observed a slight decrease in our reactive workload. Our proactive workload did increase. This can be attributed to more officers on the street, and a strong focus on sustained crime fighting.

Clearance rates continue to be a source of frustration. Though we were above the national average for robbery and assault, we fell below the national average for rape, arson, burglary, theft, and auto theft. We will continue to make clearance rates a top priority, and we will work hard to improve those numbers this year. With the implementation of the License Plate Camera Project, we expect to see better auto theft clearance rates during 2017.

There are clearly areas for improvement, and the Brentwood Police Department will continue to aggressively combat crime and improve our police services. The men and women of the Brentwood Police Department are dedicated professionals, and they have done an incredible job making Brentwood one of the safest communities in the State of California


If you go:
Brentwood City Council Meeting
7:00 pm at 150 City Park Way
Brentwood, CA

For the full report:



  1. Does this include Mail theft? everyone in Brentwood getting mail stolen and nothing is being done about it!!!

  2. Mail theft is not Brentwood Police. It is the Postal people. Federal offense. They have investigators too. But guess what, they are not even repairing the boxes in a timely manner.

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