Brentwood Girl Scout Troop Raises Funds for Adams Middle School Library

Photo provided by Anastasia Bogdanova
The local Brentwood Girls Scout Troop #30529 which consists of 5th graders took a portion of their cookie earned money and made a donation to the Adams Middle School Library for their books.

According to Anastasia Bogdanova, the girls donated $200 which was raised in cookie sales.
“They came up with the idea during one of our meetings while we were brainstorming what organizations they wanted to donate to this year and one of their main ideas was to help with purchasing books for a place that’s in need. They researched and found out that Adams library was the main local library in need,” explained Bogdanova. “They split the money between Adams and they will also be donating $150 to the new Brentwood library and making a donation to operations smile.”
Bogdanova further highlighted the state average of books per student is 21 books, and they currently only have 8 books per student with a lot of bare and empty shelves. The girls wanted to give to this library because some of the girls in the troop attend Adams Middle School. They are also encouraging others to donate.