Arson Arrest Made in Series of Antioch Fires


The Contra Costa County Fire Investigators announced Thursday that they have made an arson arrest in Antioch for several recent fires.

37-year-old José Luis Gomes, a transient living in Antioch, was arrested on December 22, 2017, and was charged yesterday, December 27, 2017, with one count of attempted arson, and 4 counts of arson to a structure.

He is suspected of starting a fire at Paula’s Family Florist, and 3 churches, all in a small geographic area around the A Street corridor.

Other similar fires in the area are still under investigation.


  1. He’s just here for a better life for his family.
    Leave him alone
    California is a sanctuary state!

    • Nobody said he was here illegally, did they? Why would you assume that? Because if his name? Native Americans ate the one ones with a valid point to be bitching about the white man screwing them over. The rest of us immigrated her via great grandparents etc, so stfu.

      • White trash hate hearing Spanish spoken around them but wished they lived in San Francìsco, Palo Alto, Santa Clara LOL how ironic

        • Exactly, but you can reason with these rednecks, they have no concept of business or common sense….the US needs illegal immigrants, just like it needs poor people, whos going to pick and harvest fruit, vegetables and all the wine? Illegals do, because thats all they know how to do and they do it to earn money for their families….nobody legal of any race would last a day working the fields, its hard sweaty back breaking work for low wages…..can you imagine what fruits and vegetables would cost in legal people did it? I eat fruits and vegetables, so i appreciate the hard work they do…..Theres fast food on every corner for a reason, the US is full of fatties, and those fatties wouldnt last a day doing any job that illegals do.

          • Very soon, our crops will be harvested by machines. No more sweating it out in the fields.

          • You seriously have no clue, machines cant pick all fruits and vegetables, manual labor will always be needed…..I hope youre joining a gym tomorrow, those chicken nuggets are getting to your brain.

          • Rightly said..true first people with $ will complain but if asked to even to mow a lawn the laziness in them would say “no” try and ask them to pick strawberries, melons,lemons in the scorching sun…sure some will say yes I can do it..LOL..maybe for just a half a day till they give up…and no breaks just lunch…sometimes.

  2. He’ll be setting fires in Antioch in less than a year. Just say “what a shame” and repeat – it is Californian politics

  3. May we please see a good, clear mugshot? There has been a transient moving through our neighborhood for some time, usually leaves behind something like his crack pipe or other debris. He’s very persistent and obviously does have the means to start a fire, and I’d like to know whether we still need to worry that he’s out there.

    • The real question is, how do you know what a crack pipe looks like? No crack head is “leaving behind his crack pipe” come on man!

  4. He is, indeed, disorganized and messed up enough to leave a pipe behind, retrieved by a resident and put into the garbage. He leaves something behind every time he moves through, sometimes exactly at the moment he is being confronted by homeowners. But, you know, we are surely displaying a lack of empathy and understanding. He certainly has every right, I’m sure, to move right through this place going through all the cars. It’s such an ingrained tradition now that it’s probably here to stay. If he’s starting fires, well, that’s something we’re just going to have to get used to, right? He’s lurching along looking like the undead, often on video, and here we are complaining. Shame on us!

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