Antioch PAL Photo Caption Contest Winner Announced



Antioch Police Chief Allan Cantando was a good sport this weekend during our Photo Caption Contest and decided to participate in it upon seeing our post on Facebook. He asked if he could pick the winner—we felt obliged to allow him to participate.

So without any further delay, the winner of the caption contest is Linda Brown who stated, “I hate to say it buddy, but your barn door is open.”

For her efforts, Chief Cantando and Lt. Brooks are donating a $25 gift certificate to Celia’s in Antioch.  We just need Ms. Brown to contact us at [email protected] with her contact information and address.

As for the East County Today pick… we have narrowed down our top 10 (in no particular order) out of more than 130 submissions.

  • Ernesto Lara: I said we were playing golf today. The neon glow run is tomorrow.
  • Theresa Buckingham Belluomini: Remember this was supposed to be an undercover operation. Why the heck would you wear a shirt like that!?!
  • Sheree Hall Sweeney: T, your shirt is so bright, I’m gonna have to get my shades!
  • Jack Aiello: For the last time chief…. i dont think it was a good idea to bring the squad car to Markstein, all this beer will never fit!!
  • Pat Perry: Listen. This is how its going down.. I’m the Chief so I need to look good in this golf fundraiser.. When my ball gets close to the hole, you make a loud diversion to distract everyone! and I can get it in there.. Got it!!
  • Kathy Brandt Cabrera: Ok…..put the beer tab under the name Jakel…….get us a couple of beers and meet me on the green
  • Kathy Manzoni Karste: T today is Cherith’s and my anniversary.. I think she was expecting a weekend away and not spending it playing in a golf tournament… I just have her a bouquet of flowers, I think she was expecting something more…what do you think ? I think you screwed up chief!!!
  • Rich McEachin Sr: Don’t tell Orman, but I like you best!
  • Lorraine Roach: Look, I know your a good golfer, even a great golfer….but it’s not nice to upstage your captain!
  • Theresa Peal Hartman: “just how do we sneak that keg into the station???”