Antioch: Man Shot in Buttocks Sunday Afternoon on Peppertree Way


At 3:27 pm Sunday, Antioch Police responded to a report of shots fired in the 2200 block of Peppertree Way in the City of Antioch.

Police arrived on scene to locate a male on the sidewalk who had been shot in the buttocks. Police expect the man will survive the shooting but was transported to a local hospital for treatment and would not confirm his condition.

According to police, preliminary information was that a vehicle was driving down Peppertree Way when someone got out of the vehicle and fired multiple shots at a crowd of people when a bullet struck the victim.

Police were also investigating whether or not this was a robbery attempt, however, witnesses were being uncooperative with police. No further information was provided and there were no other injuries reported.

Check back for updates.


  1. WOW! Shot in the buttocks! That must be a pain in the “A” … and what’s this about the witnesses not being “cooperative?’ Didn’t the cops ever hear of the method, “holding their feet to the fire?”

    • Karen, it was a lovely town back in the 1960’s … according to my great-grandmother … the city has gone down the tubes since then. Can it go any lower? For some reason, scumbags have moved in and taken down the town.

  2. As long as whitnesses are uncooperative, there will be a lot more people butthurt.

    • Thank you for your kind words Julio. I manage the HOA where this occurred, and it’s true. We have done much over the 10+ years I’ve been here, including improved lighting, surveillance cameras, private security and fencing and gating, all costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. And there is more we’re working on to improve the security for the majority of the residents who are good people.

      As pointed out however, the weak link is the residents themselves. I have had countless conversations with residents, encouraging them to report problems to me, security and/or Antioch PD. Sadly, few are willing. My conclusion is that it is always one of two reasons… apathy, or fear of retribution.

      • Todd, you need to encourage those residents to vacate the premises and get some responsible people to live there. Good people will cooperate with the PD. They will see the bigger picture.

    • Thank you for the kind words Julio. I have been the manager for the HOA for over 10 years, where this occurred. It is true, we have made a lot of improvements, including improved lighting, surveillance cameras, private security, gating and fencing. And there is more we intend to do.

      But the weak link in all we’ve done is the residents themselves. Sadly, few are willing to report problems to us, security or APD. I’ve had countless conversations with residents, encouraging them to report to whoever they are comfortable. It seems the most common issue is either apathy, or fear of retribution (more likely).

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