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WTF California: Pittsburg Police Get “A” for Transparency, Sacramento Protesters Get an “F” at Mayors Home

by ECT

On this episode of WTF California, we talk about the great job Pittsburg Police Department is doing with its transparency after an officer involved shooting which prompts discussion of why can’t Antioch Police release more video, especially after the incident involving the actions of Tamisha Walker and her children. We get into the arrest of a suspect in the attack of elderly victims in Oaklands Chinatown. We also bring up Assemblyman Even Low’s Tweet asking if there needs to be more laws to protect Asians. We also talk about protesting at people’s homes such as what occurred in Sacramento at Darrell Steinberg.


  • Pittsburg Police Release Camera Footage From Officer Involved Shooting
    The Pittsburg Police Department can now release the name of the man involved in last Saturday’s officer involved shooting as 32-year-old Kerdell Lillard of Oakland. In addition, pursuant to Pittsburg Police policy, we have decided to release officers’ body worn camera footage and in-car video of the incident in an effort to foster transparency and trust with our community. Although, we are unable to release all raw video in it’s entire due to the ongoing investigation, the below linked video provides an abbreviated view of the incident.
  • Man arrested for assaulting 3 elderly victims in Oakland’s Chinatown
    OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Today at a news conference that was originally intended to publicize a $30,000 award being offered in the case, Oakland’s brand new police chief was able to tell the media and Chinatown residents that the case is closed.
  • Even Low Tweets: Should we be doing more to protect Asian Americans from hate crimes?
  • Sacramento mayor responds to weekend protest, vandalism at his home
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – Sacramento police are trying to find the protestors who vandalized Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s home Saturday evening. The mayor’s office released photos Monday of several thousand dollars in damage caused by a small group of protestors who were angry at Steinberg’s handling of the city’s homeless situation.
  • San Diego Unified starts offering learning labs for at-risk students
    San Diego Unified is allowing disadvantaged students to come to school campuses for a safe, supervised work space to do distance learning while schools remain closed to regular, in-person instruction. The district struck an agreement with its teachers union on Thursday to offer so-called “learning labs” to certain groups of students — those who lack reliable internet access at home, who are receiving below-standard grades, who have disabilities and are not meeting special education goals, who have “intense support needs,” who struggle to learn English, or who need social or emotional support, such as homeless students, foster youth and chronically absent students.


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