William Martinek Proposes Day After Super Bowl as National Holiday

Press Release


Brentwood, Calif. — Three combat tour U.S. Army veteran, financial adviser, and candidate for California’s 9th Congressional district, William Martinek (R-Brentwood), 35, proposed that the Monday after the Super Bowl become a national holiday.

“The Super Bowl is a unique American experience that brings friends and families together every year, and it should be recognized by Congress as a federal holiday,” Martinek said. “Once elected, I will author legislation that allows hardworking Americans the opportunity to spend more time with their loved ones.”

California’s 9th Congressional District includes portions of Contra Costa County (Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley), San Joaquin County (Lathrop, Lodi, Stockton), and Sacramento County (Galt).

Martinek is challenging incumbent Congressman Jerry McNerney.


  1. Is this guy a joke? National Holiday for the day after a super bowl? So government employees, teachers, and others get paid? This guy is simply pandering when there are many people who have turned off the NFL over the past several years. I’ll stick with McNerney

  2. I love my football, but absolutely not. People should be more responsible when coming together for the big game.

  3. But he says it’s to spend more time with our “loved ones”. Let’s just call it what it is: National Hangover Day!
    Just another fool that doesn’t deserve my vote

  4. Is this guy for real ? I looked at his website, and it is a bunch of “Republican Progressive” Crap. A holiday after the Super Bowl, free Medical for all blah blah blah ? He is a Republican disguising himself as a Progressive Democrat, thinking that will get him elected.

    You sound like all the other Republicans trying to “unseat” Democrats in Congress — “I promise you this, that and the other thing”

    Here’s some advice — albeit free advice, but advice nonetheless: Try running for Brentwood City Council first you putz, before you come up with these garbage campaign promises thinking they will be a ticket to Congress.

  5. Yep, pretty dumb idea to suggest an additional holiday without meaning which, as Larry mentioned, only benefits government employees and everybody else has to pay for it.

  6. If you’re gonna make up a holiday, make up something in late March or early April so there isn’t such a long time between holidays.

    I’ll stick with McNerney.

  7. Billy, you need a real job. We don’t need anymore bullshit law makers. We have enough of them.

  8. Billy, you need a real job. We don’t need anymore bullshit law makers. We have enough of them.

  9. How about making voting day a national holiday? I will not vote for this guy. Clearly, he doesn’t prioritize.

  10. He sounds like the kid in High school running for class president. “I will put soda machines and free doughnuts in every class”

  11. You really can’t be spending time with your family if you’re bent over the enamel “throne” barfing your guts out! Your family will stay as far away from you as they can and use a of ROOM DEODORIZER! Now, if you actually attend the game, Monday might be the only day you can catch a flight home. All airline fights were booked to take off Sunday night after the game. We had to wait until late Monday.

    • Really Lola? You think this has merit?
      Another holiday for government workers?
      When I call the government for anything it’s a put on hold or they are not in today.

      • I’d rather have Super Bowl Monday as a holiday and get rid of the MLK, Jr. crap celebrating a plagiarist and women beater!


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