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Why Animal Rescue Recon Withdrew RFP Response

by Administrator

I received an email this morning from Tamera Reed explaining why her new group, Animal Rescue Recon, withdrew their RFP response for use of the old firehouse citing the group did not want to put the council in a spot to pick between two rescue groups.

“We felt it was best to withdraw so it didn’t put the city in a bad position of picking between two groups . We want to make a positive impact w/ Animal Rescue Recon not negative,” said Reed.

This is understandable considering H.A.L.O. and the Oakley Seniors also submitted proposals for usage of the old firehouse formally occupied by H.A.L.O. before the city put it back up to bid.  The council ended up awarding the building to the Oakley Seniors by a 5-0 vote.

According to Ms. Reed,  Animal Rescue Recon has been holding adoption at Brentwood Feed on Walnut Blvd on Sat from 12-3 and during the week by appointment.  People can view our dogs on Petfinder.com or our facebook page.


Here is a copy of the withdrawal letter dated November 12, 2012:

Bryan Montgomery
City of Oakley
3231 Main St.
Oakley, CA 94561

Animal Rescue Recon would like to thank the city for the opportunity to submit a proposal for the firehouse property. When we wrote our RFP, it was with the understanding that HALO would not be participating. It appears they have changed their mind.

In lieu of the fact that the only other submissions were from HALO and the Senior Citizens, ARR would respectfully like to withdraw our proposal. We do not want to put the city in the position of choosing between two rescue groups. We feel strongly that a rescue with beliefs that working with the youth of our community is important and hope that HALO will be able to restore those programs, with or without the firehouse.

It was our vision to share the firehouse with other groups and trainers to increase the possibility of finding more forever homes for rescued animals. We still believe Oakley will benefit from a rescue facility. Since it was made evident at a past meeting that if both rescues applied neither would receive the building, we feel by withdrawing our application there is still a chance for a viable animal rescue program in the City of Oakley.

Animal Rescue Recon has saved over 50 animals since Sept 7th. Our youth volunteer resources continue to grow. We are holding visitations at Senior Citizen assisted living facilities, and have one fully trained dog waiting for a home with a veteran and another in training for the same purpose. We would like to keep the doors open and work with the City of Oakley in the future. If the firehouse becomes available after the new tenant’s lease expires or another suitable site is identified, please keep Animal Rescue Recon in mind.

Thank you for the opportunity and your support.

Tamara Reed

P.O. BOX 638
OAKLEY, CA 94561-0638
[email protected]

Copies of the proposals are attached in the Staff Report which you can view. As proposed, both the Animal Rescue Recon proposal (before withdrawing) and the H.A.L.O. proposal would generate $500 per month in lease revenue and no cost to the City for utilities, facility upkeep, etc. The Oakley Seniors proposal includes $0 revenue for the lease, but a commitment for the upkeep of the facility. The proposal infers that grants would be sought to cover the monthly cost of utilities. (The estimated utility cost is estimated at $500 – $1,000 per month and $650 per year in sewer fees and assessments).


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Jill Thompson 55 Nov 15, 2012 - 9:35 am

Seems like they knew they would lose out to the Seniors so they moved onto something else. Probably a good thing.