Videos: Antioch Resident Has Ring Doorbell, Socks Stolen by Thief


An Antioch resident had their Ring doorbell stolen this afternoon off Hillcrest Avenue.

The suspect knocked on the door, then stole the Ring doorbell and a pair of socks that were in a package on the porch, according to the victim.

The suspect then got into the passenger’s side of a vehicle, which was described as a very beat up, oxidized or black primer 2005’ish Toyota Camry.


Anyone with information should call the Antioch Police Department at 925-779-6900 and reference case #19-5144.

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  1. So much for the RING doorbell. It should have features for better installation so that someone can’t just yank it out like that. Maybe a second or third RING system should be more obscured but be able to capture the thief’s image.

  2. If you’ve filed a police report, you can contact Ring at [email protected] within 15 days of the theft to get a free replacement. They send the exact model that was taken, “like for like.” This is at their discretion, but it has been a selling point in the past.

  3. What would this guy say after he rang the doorbell and someone answered? What would he do? Tell you he’s looking for his lost friend?

    I’d like to see a system where if no one is home to answer the doorbell, a “voice” responds asking what the visit is about … a remote voice coming from your cell wherever the house occupant is located. There could be a conversation between the bell ringer and the resident. See what I mean?

    • The Ring system has that ability but you have to have your phone available and be able to respond pretty quick.

      I don’t know why people are stealing the devices, I don’t think they can be reused easily.

  4. They can take the doorbell, but their image has already been recorded so it really doesn’t matter. Yes, it is my understanding that will replace the doorbell at no charge. According to the image on this post, it will only be a matter of time before another POS criminal in Antioch is behind bars.

    • If he’s in a area where he can be recognized. He might not even be from Antioch. Let’s hope he is recognized the dealt with . . . but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

      By the way, if it’s so easy to yank out the RING doorbell, then it’s not of much use.

  5. Hmmm someone said that Ring would replace the one stolen. The Ring also captured a very clear image of the guy but the homeowners didn’t respond to the ringing. Looks to me as if the Ring did exactly what it claims to do. The homeowners were probably away from their phones and couldn’t scare away the thief.

    • The replaced RING could also be stolen. What then? If it’s that easily pried off, then something is wrong with how it’s designed.

      • Lol a astronaut could step on the moon and dislodge a big boulder and it could fall to earth knocking the ring box off the wall.

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