Video: Every 15 Minutes at Deer Valley High School


In this raw video,  aimed to be more of a behind the scenes version of the crash scene response, you will see students from Deer Valley High School participate in the Every 15 Minutes Program in the City of Antioch.

This event occurred on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 where community partners held a simulated fatal drunk driving traffic crash in the High School Parking lot where students observed a response from Antioch Police, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District, California Highway Patrol, AMR and the Contra Costa County Sheriffs Department. John Muir Medical Center also participates.

Every 15 minutes is a two-day program which demonstrates to high school students the impact drinking and driving has on friends, families, and their community. The first day of the program is highlighted by a simulated traffic collision that will be conducted at the high school involving an impaired teenage driver and a fatally injured victim.

The program concludes with a mock funeral and assembly the next day.