Vehicle Thefts Increase in Eastern Contra Costa and Pittsburg


pittsburg police

The Pittsburg Police Department has seen an increase in vehicle thefts throughout Eastern Contra Costa County.  They say there are no specific times or locations for these thefts and could occur at anytime and anywhere. In response,  they have offered a couple of tips to keep your vehicles safe and out of the hands of auto thieves.

Here are some crime prevention steps that will greatly reduce the likely hood your vehicle will be stolen or broken in to.

  1. Lock your vehicle.
  2. Use anti-theft devices or an alarm.
  3. Park your vehicle in well-lighted areas.
  4. Never hide a spare key or leave keys in your vehicle.

Always report suspicious persons or activity to the police department at (925) 646-2441.  Let’s work together to keep our community safe

Source: Pittsburg Police Department