Vehicle Accident Shuts Highway 4 Down to 1 Lane Saturday Morning



A vehicle accident occurred just before 10:30 am Saturday morning that involved up to four vehicles on Highway 4 including a vehicle which rolled over onto its roof.

The accident caused Highway 4 to be shutdown to just 1 lane in the eastbound direction just east of San Marcos/Willow Pass Road in Pittsburg.

No word yet on the cause of the accident or number of injuries.

CONFIRE was on scene for about 40-minutes.

Photo provided by Josefina Guernsey Morgan

The following photos were provided by Daisy Templeton who shot these prior to first responders on scene.


  1. Got lucky! Hwy 4 was totally stopped when I came down Willow Pass at 11:15…I got off at San Marcos took Leland to Bailey got back on 4 and had a smooth ride to Antioch!. Hope no one was seriously hurt!

  2. That particular part of highway 4 near willow pass experiences frequent accidents. Most are due to excessive speed. Slow down peeps.

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