Updated: Pittsburg Police Say Four Samaritans Pull Driver from Canal After Vehicle Crash

Photo provided by Pittsburg Police

At 4:53 pm Monday, Contra Costa County Firefighters and Pittsburg Police responded to a report of a vehicle that entered the canal in the 800 block of W Leland Road near John Henry Johnson Parkway in the City of Pittsburg.

It was reported that at least 1-person was trapped in the vehicle with their head above water after being assisted by another citizen who had jumped in to help rescue the victim. A short time later, the victim was pulled from the canal.

No other information was available and Pittsburg Police are on scene providing traffic control between E. Leland Rd. and Range Rd.

Update per Pittsburg Police

Tonight just before 5:00pm, PPD Officers responded to the area of W. Leland Road/Range Road for a report of an overturned vehicle into a canal.

Witnesses later reported just before crashing into the canal, the vehicle traveling at an extremely high rate of speed, weaving in and out of lanes and not stopping at red lights.

Four Samaritans stopped their vehicles, jumped into the  water and pulled the driver from the overturned vehicle, effectively saving the driver’s life.

The suspect was exhibiting signs of impairment, related she had “blacked out” and was transported by to a local hospital for treatment.


  1. The occupant kinda deserved to drown for drinking and driving. I would not jump in that canal for sure. The current is too strong.

  2. Saved her life so that she could continue drinking and driving irresponsibly — running red lights — and then crashing into someone and killing them! I hope after she’s finished with the hospital, she winds up in the Martinez jail.

  3. Why is everyone stating she was drinking? “The suspect was exhibiting signs of impairment” That’s all it says.

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  4. Dear ignorant people,
    Keep your one minded comments to yourself. You ever think she may have been showing signs of impairment because she just landed up side down in a canal and almost f***n died? Cmon people show some respect! You guys have no idea what happened. So go back to school and comment after puberty. Glad she survived!! High five to the people who saved her life!! That’s who the story should be about! The heroes not the victim🤔

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