Updated: City of Antioch Announces Curfew Extended Until Wednesday Morning


Antioch, Calif., Today, the City of Antioch has announced that effective Monday, June 1, 2020, a citywide curfew will be enacted.

The curfew will begin at 6:00 PM on Monday, June 1, 2020 and expire at 5:00 AM on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Antioch Police Chief Tammany Brooks said the police department will be issuing a full statement later this evening, but that they received credible information via social media sources that groups are trying to organize a gathering to come into Antioch and engage in criminal activity.

Antioch Mayor Sean Wright urged the community to stay home and be safe.

“The city came together and the leadership decided to implement a curfew. I realize these are trying times and there will be a time for conversation and dialogue, but for tonight, please stay home for the safety of our community,” said Mayor Wright.

If the City determines that the curfew needs to be extended, the City of Antioch will make an announcement on Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

The curfew will begin each night at 6:00 PM on Monday, June 1, 2020 and expire at 5:00 AM on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.

If the City determines that the curfew needs to be extended, the City of Antioch will make an announcement on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.


    • Where are you? On MARS? Haven’t you been watching the news? Listening to the radio? Are you a little “slow” on the uptake?

      • You must be even slower than him, Dawn marie. There haven’t been any rioting or looting in our area at all. Go lick a boot and kick rocks somewhere else.

        • You racists n bigots hide behind computer screens while your kids r the anarchists n nuts running around doing all this crap. Good thing you are dying off….and have become the minority in your way of thinking. Now go throw and adult tantrum in you kitchen and cry about being replaced.

          • It will be quite a while until I die. Maybe another 60 years to go, so you can relax, MsKris, because we aren’t going anywhere and my kids are being raised to protect themselves and others. What’s more, no one is hiding behind any computer. I tell it like it is to people.

  1. Thankfully some of us are “ready”… I feel for those who don’t have anything to defend themselves with.

  2. We are under curfew because our militarized police forces cannot seem to muster up the strength to actually change its current paradigm of judge-jury-executioner tactics. Instead of actually punishing the 4 guilty cops in this current incident, they instead hold on to the last vestiges of constipated control and are attempting to coral everybody. Why not just start truly punishing those in your precincts who cause these injustices instead of just paying lip service to the idea and making PR photo ops? Chauvin & his complacent comrades in blue are to blame

    • Pastor Maynard,
      We’re under curfew due to the criminal element who are taking advantage of the current protests. Let’s make sure that we are keeping things in perspective and not leading others to a hate-filled mindset, regardless of skin color.

    • Injustices, dear Pastor Maynard? Since when is getting rid of the criminal element in the best way possible, an “injustice?”

  3. There is a curfew in effect because people are planning to come in and loot, they don’t care who you are and you can definitely get hurt if you are in their way. Prayer for communities and those hurting.

  4. I wish the city police would do their job and arrest individuals looting and rioting. And that our lazy district attorney would prosecute these individuals, send them to jail and pay for the damage.

  5. I would like to know how you are communicating with the people of Antioch.
    You aren’t, there are shut in with no computers, nor have cable TV. If it wasn’t
    for word from my church I wouldn’t have heard about it either.
    So my question is how are you doing to notify me?

    • Girl you obviously got the message somehow so call a friend and tell them in case they haven’t heard. They’re doing the best that they can to inform people as new information comes out. 🙄 people just like to complain it’s not needed right now.

    • Information about such situations are posted on this site and also on the radio. The newspapers also carry it… you can call the POLICE DEPARTMENT’s non-emergency line. You don’t have to have a cable TV to get the local news. The regular alphabet channels carry it all the time.

  6. Actually to the people doubting or misunderstanding the exact reason for this is because of a recent Twitter post by someone from Oakland….here’s the post word for word mispellings and all…
    “Oakland, we need to make our way to Antioch and the streets of Brentwood today and take EVERYTHING! The outlets is outside so it’ll be easier to break in and take everything. THIS IS ALL FOR GORGE, DONT FORGET!! REPOST!!” So its just a safety issue. Of course if they extend it for unneeded reasons after the fact, i’d agree with those who think its unreasonable.

    • How does stealing other peoples’ property and burning buildings and cars honor George Floyd? Was George a proponent of looting and mayhem? Or was he just a guy trying to go about his business? Looting and rioting will provide more opportunities for George-like incidents to occur. It does not improve race relations, it just makes everyone more fearful; fear is the root of racism.

  7. I am so glad we moved from Komifornia to a red state . We care about everybody no matter what color or race you are. No riots here.

  8. Silly Americans, not realizing the real looters are the bankers and corporate elite who got Billions $$$ richer the last couple months while we get a pathetic $1200. Focus on the real enemy.

    • Yes, Jeff Bezos — aka, BOZO – got richer thanks to idiots buying his crap online! I have never bought anything online because those people have pretty much killed the retail industry. Now, how much stuff did you order from AMAZON?

  9. Actually, we are under curfew because while under curfew, “probable cause” requirements are removed for traffic stops while driving during curfew. This actually allows law enforcement to better track and detain people that are suspect in the areas of looting if they are in vehicles. (Of which there have been several in Antioch) It’s actually a smart move by police to make sure that those engaged in lawlessness can be taken off the streets.
    In normal circumstances, (without a curfew), if a police officer pulled over a car that was loaded with what was obviously stolen goods, unless the officer had “probable cause” to pull the vehicle over, the case would get thrown out in court. The curfew removes that obstacle.

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