Update: Suspect Fleeing From Antioch Police in Stolen Vehicle Dies After Striking Tree


On July 18, 2019 at 1:07 am, the Antioch Police Department responded to a report of a vehicle crash that left one motorist dead on Buchanan Road at Balboa Ct in the City of Antioch.

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Units arrived on scene to find a vehicle into a tree that was smoking with the driver still trapped inside—it originally came in as a vehicle fire, but the fire was out. The impact from the crash pushed the engine up into the driver and passenger seats. Firefighters attempted to free the driver; however, he was later pronounced deceased on scene.

Antioch Police have shut down Buchanan Road at Contra Loma as well as at Cortez Court with the roadway expected to be closed for several hours as police are investigating the incident.

Antioch police are expected to release additional information later Thursday morning.

10:45am Update via Antioch Police

On 7/18/19, Antioch police officers on patrol received information from a neighboring city about a vehicle that was stolen during a residential burglary. At approximately 1:00am, an Antioch police officers potted a vehicle traveling on Somersville Road matching the description of the stolen vehicle.

As officers got into position to initiate a traffic stop, the suspect driver accelerated away from the officers. After the officers activated their emergency lights and siren, the 21-year-old suspect driver fled eastbound on Buchanan Road at a high rate of speed. At the 1100 block of Buchanan Road, the suspect vehicle crossed the raised center divider and stopped after colliding with a tree on the north side of the roadway.

Emergency fire department and ambulance paramedics were immediately called to the scene to render first aid. Ultimately, the suspect driver succumbed to his injuries and he was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The Antioch Police Department’s Investigations Bureau responded to the scene and the Contra Costa County Law Enforcement Involved Fatal Incident Protocol was invoked. The incident is currently being jointly investigated by the Antioch Police Department and the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office.

No further information will be released regarding this case at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Antioch Police Department non-emergency line at (925)778-2441. You may also text-a-tip to 274637 (CRIMES) using the key word ANTIOCH


  1. There are speed limits for a reason!!!
    At least no innocent people were hurt.
    People drive like morons!!

  2. He was out having a good time getting high and drunk when he should’ve been home with his family.

  3. This is a great example of why buchanan needs speed humps. Far to many accidents and speeders on this residential road. People race from contra Loma to san jose. 50+ in a 35.

  4. Let’s just wait for: “my baby was an angel, he was just borrowing the car that’s all”

    • Maybe he was an “aspiring rapper” ,tryin “turn his life around” or “working to get his G.E.D.”
      Any more headlines from fake news?

  5. Love this!!!! Good riddance. Karma at its finest for this scum of a human being, who got exactly what he deserved. Do stupid things and win stupid prizes. Glad no innocent people were hurt in this dangerous incident.

  6. People must have heard this collision for blocks and blocks! At least the homeowner who suffered the burglary is safe! What a horrible experience!

  7. It’s really unfortunate that this criminal, that had total disregard for life has died. But let’s not forget the most important thing here… The tree will be okay.

  8. Yup, I saw the trailer park trash(white “hood rat”for you bigoted mf’s here) whose trailer caught on fire while he was breaking into a house on Railroad Ave..must be the meth the pipers all smoke..Can’t take the trash out of the trailer….Damn,all the car break ins across from the Antioch BART station….all the white rats in the videos smashing windows and doing that “hood rat” stuff…y’all can stop…i’ll stop…since 1492…

    • You’re looking for an argument where non exists, my friend. We don’t give two fucks what color they are. Trash is trash, doesn’t matter what the outside of the bag looks like. But… Way to own up to your own up to who you are.

    • More BLACK slimy hood rats do that then white ones, Ain’tGreat! About 15 to 1. But then blacks make up LESS than 12% of the total US population, yet they are the ones who commit more crimes.

  9. These comments reflect a very tired and frustrated community, which is sad in itself.

  10. He was 21 someones baby u people are fucked up he still could of turned his life around its very sad .why whr the police chasing him 100 mph down resdital street anyways wasent worth a life losted

    • He knew he was someone’s baby as he was running from the police…didn’t he? Yes he may have been able to turn his life around….or…maybe he would have gotten deeper into the game and committed more crime maybe heinous crimes? As to why were they chasing him? Why was he running??that’s why they chased. It is what it is, and people are judging him accordingly. Live doing dirt..you die by the shovel.

  11. Yeah we are tired of the lawlessness the blight the homeless the city council is a joke the mayor is a joke the police department is looked at as a joke and needs new fresh leadership from top to bottom it’s out of control and building more houses is not the answer look on lonetree the movie theater closed carl’s Jr closed you know its bad when a fast food franchise closes in this area Antioch went from a decent place to live to being straight sketchy I am not sure what the answer is to solve these problems but I do know fresh new leadership is needed

    • The chief of police in Antioch just had a change of command not too long ago, with Chief Brooks taking over. He is a fantastic selection for the job, and will lead the Antioch Police Department well. I can’t speak about the rest of what you claim, and I suspect you’re right, but Chief Brooks is a good, decent, man with strong leadership skills who will get Antioch cleaned up if he’s given the resources to do so. Give him a chance.

      • Totally agree Dude…Antioch has gotten better since Brooks has been in office. Give that man some more officers and who knows what he can do.

  12. Shut up “do” and “Compassion” You got your new leadership in this country
    2-1/2 years ago. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you don’t like where you live and keep complaining then move the F out of your city and state and the USA. Pretty simple solution for you. Or move closer to sycamore there’s a Carl’s Jr. And maya theaters over there. Start fresh over there you crybaby! No one gives a F how you feel about leadership. And back to the kid that died in the car accident, that’s his fault for making bad decisions. Nobody else’s fault but his.

  13. Ma ybe give these youngsters something to do in town and mayb they wouldnt b doin so much crime there isnt shit for the kids to do to past timeantioch sucks

    • Hey Compassion! What have YOU been smokin’ and drinkin’? Put down that bottle and stop with the bonghit already! Your postings make no sense!

    • I don’t think it’s reasonable to blame this guy’s decision making on the city because there’s nothing to do here. I have a 21 year old son, the same age this kid was, who was raised in Antioch, and is currently a full time college student at a UC.

      Decent behavior begins at home, regardless of what activities a city has to offer.

    • I raised 4 kids in this town currently ages 18-26,there is a lot that you CAN do..good and bad. The 1st thing that needs to be done is modeled behavior at home,don’t party with your kids or throw keggers for them and act surprised that they party! 2nd is stay involved with your kids and get them involved in worth while things.This day and age there are no excuses, raise them in the way they should go and they will not depart from it. Know The Who, what, when and where your kids are. It’s not a perfect strategy and not without some bumps in the road but it worked for me.

  14. Thank god this shit bag got what he deserved. If it would have been left up to our terrible DA, he would have been home by now!!!

  15. In my opinion it’s cut and dry. There is a 21 yr old person who made decisions and it appears to me paid the consequences for that decision. The 21 yr old person is someone’s child, friend, brother or sister maybe even a mother or father this person’s family and friends are grieving regardless what any of us have to say. We are entitled to have our opinions, however we could be polite and respectful in regards to their feelings and leave our comments without name calling or talking smack. It is just not necessary to do so. You can give your opinion and comments with respect to everyone concerned. Life is hard and very very short. I hope this person’s family gets the answers they need. We should be giving these people our prayers and condolences.

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