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Two Antioch Residents Face Multiple Felony Charges in Brentwood Robberies

Press Release

by ECT

Martinez, Calif. – The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office filed multiple felony charges against two young adults who were involved in robberies in Brentwood in September.

Delvon Hasain Hasan and Dioni Tamirra Patton of Antioch both face an eight-count felony complaint that includes first and second-degree robbery, child cruelty, having a concealed firearm in a vehicle, and carrying an unregistered loaded handgun. Also, each face two counts of receiving large-capacity magazines in violation of PC32310(a).

The robberies occurred in the parking lot of a Bank of America branch at 6261 Lone Tree Way in Brentwood on September 16th and 19th. In both incidents, 20-year-old Hasan and 18-year-old Patton robbed their victims around the same time in the afternoon. The first victim was making a cash deposit for her employer around 2:30 pm when Patton grabbed the deposit bag and ran toward a getaway vehicle.

On September 19th at around 3:30 pm, Hasan and Patton robbed a second victim who was with her 10-year-old child. That victim had her purse stolen after making a large cash withdrawal in the bank. During the robbery, the victim’s child was injured by Hasan as he struggled to get the victim’s wallet while fleeing the scene.

Brentwood Police Department investigated both incidents — with assistance from Antioch Police Department and Concord Police Department — and arrested Hasan and Patton on September 22nd. Hasan made bail before charges were filed. Patton was arraigned on September 27th in Martinez. On November 3rd, Hasan was brought into custody and arraigned in court on the same day. Preliminary hearings for both suspects are scheduled for November 18th at 8:30 am in Pittsburg.

  • 04-22-00891 | The People of the State of California vs. Hasan, Delvon Hasain
  • 04-22-00892 | The People of the State of California vs. Patton, Dioni Tamirra

Original Release Sept. 22

CASE UPDATE- Robbery suspects identified and arrested with assistance from Concord PD and Antioch PD

As a follow-up to the information posted on 09/20/22, related to the robbery in the parking lot of Bank of America located at 6261 Lone Tree Way, our investigators quickly performed follow-up and with the help of Concord PD and Antioch PD, identified and arrested 18 year-old, Dioni Patton and 20 year-old, Delvon Hasan both from Antioch.

Our investigators also recovered two firearms, other related evidence and two vehicles associated with the robbery. Additionally, it was determined through surveillance footage, these suspects were responsible for a similar robbery that occurred at the same location on 09/16/22, at approximately 2:25 p.m.

Through collaboration and partnership, we were able to safely take both suspects into custody. A special thank you to Concord PD and Antioch PD for their assistance .


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