Smith’s Landing Seafood Grill to Host Soft Opening Fundraiser Events

By Alexandra Riva


Smith’s Landing Seafood Grill will be hosting a soft opening event to benefit three local organizations, as well as give patrons a taste of their food with a three course dinner, from August 16 to 18 in Antioch.


The event starts at 5 pm and reservations are required. Tickets are $40 per person and half of this cost will be donated to one of the following organizations:

  • 8/16 – Delta Veterans Group
  • 8/17 – Antioch Police Activities League (Antioch PAL)
  • 8/18 – Delta Advocacy Foundation

“We are so excited. Every day we are seeing a step closer and closer. The feedback from the people in Antioch, and just in general, has been amazing,” said Diana Clemons, one of the managers at Smith’s Landing.

Lindy Maynes-Kolthoff, of the Delta Advocacy Foundation, explains that fund raising is an integral part of bringing about services to the community they serve.

“We help out from Bay Point or Pittsburg all the way out to Discovery Bay. It’s mainly for situational emergency needs,” said Maynes-Kolthoff.

The Delta Advocacy Foundation’s services include helping people obtain basic necessities like food and shelter when they need it the most. Through fund raising efforts, the foundation can continue to serve the communities of the East Bay.

“We’re all volunteers, and we describe ourselves as the Red Cross without any of the red tape…We don’t keep any of the money, it just goes right back into the community,” said Maynes-Kolthoff.

Chief Tammany Brooks, of the Antioch Police Department, also stressed the importance of fundraising for the Antioch PAL program.

“I’m also honored they have chosen to donate a portion of their proceeds from their soft opening event to Antioch PAL.  Obviously this is a cause that is near and dear to my heart, and one that I feel is very worthwhile and beneficial to our community,” said Brooks.

The Antioch PAL program seeks to develop trusting relationships between local law enforcement and members of the community, especially at risk youth.

“We focus on providing positive and enriching experiences for the youth in our community.  Our goal is to develop trust and understanding between police officers and at risk youth through educational, athletic, and recreational activities,” said Brooks.

For more information about this event, visit the restaurant’s Facebook page at ‘Smith’s Landing Seafood Grill’ or call them at (925) 775-4862.

Alexandra Riva is an East Contra Costa County resident who is a senior at UC Berkeley where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Studies with a minor in history. She is a graduate of Dozier-Libbey Medical High School in Antioch.