Updated: Shots Fired At Pittsburg Courthouse, Damages Window



The Pittsburg Police Department is investigating an incident that occurred at 7:40 this morning on Center Drive.  During the incident a gunshot was fired causing damage to a window at the courthouse.  There were no injuries as a result.  With the exception of a brief road closure on Center Drive, there was no disruption to the daily courthouse business.

Based on witnesses and surveillance cameras in the area, the male suspect in this case discharged a shotgun while attempting to retrieve it from a brush area near City Hall.  We do not believe the courthouse or any of its occupants were the intended target.   The suspect then fled in an awaiting Red Chevrolet Suburban.

Anyone with information, should contact the Pittsburg Police Department’s tip line at 925-427-7369



  1. A loaded shotgun in a gun free zone? Surely that can’t be true, criminals always obey gun laws, right?

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