Pittsburg: Vegetation Fire Threatens Structures on Buchanan Road


At 8:10 am Friday, the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District responded to a report of a vegetation fire in the 100 block of Buchanan Road at Railroad in the City of Pittsburg.

It was reported the fire began as a vegetation fire and was threatening at least one building. Additinal resources were requested for structure protection while units were responding.

It was reported that Pittsburg Police have evacuated at least two homes.

Engine 85 arrived on scene by 8:16 and reported the fire was mostly contained to vegetation with smoke going into homes. The fire was going to run along vegetation backing up to homes.

Check back for updates.



  1. Who started the vegetation fire? They don’t start by themselves! I know the area and it has a lot of houses there. Was this started by another arsonist? That’s all we need with very hot weather expected this coming week. Keep your water hoses ready.

    • Fires here are started by the homeless bums! They have nothing to lose, so they want make sure others are in the same boat!

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