Pittsburg Traffic Cop Clocks Driver Going 108-MPH

Photo provided by Pittsburg Police

The Pittsburg Police Department announced Thursday that they clocked a driver speeding at a 108-mph before Sergeant Terry made the traffic stop.

The incident occurred around 12:00 pm on Wednesday on Highway 4.

According to Sgt. Terry, the vehicle had no plates, the driver had no proof of insurance. The driver didn’t have her license and it turned out it had been suspended. The driver was provided with multiple citations and her vehicle impounded.


  1. How are you going to have that expensive car with no insurance first of all? Annnnd you’re stupid driving like that! She asked for it!

  2. No tags no insurance suspended license driving at that speed….should have put her sorry ass in jail. Low life

  3. She’s a female. That’s why she didn’t get arrested. Always a double standard for women.if your Male,your ass is hauled to jail.enough said!

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