Pittsburg Police Remembers Inspector Raymond Giacomelli


Inspector Giacomelli

The Pittsburg Police Department sent out a message of remembrance for Pittsburg Police Inspector Raymond Giacomelli who was killed in the line of duty 11-years-ago today.

According to the Officer Down Memorial Website,  Inspector Giacomelli was shot and killed while conducting a murder investigation.  Inspector Giacomelli had gone to a home on Abbott Street to conduct an investigation into a murder that had occurred at the house the previous week. While he was inside the house, which was believed to be vacant, he was surprised by the suspect, who was a recent parolee, who shot him execution style. The suspect fled the scene, but was shot and killed during a shootout with police two nights later when officers located him in Modesto after receiving a tip on his whereabouts. Inspector Giacomelli’s body was found inside the home by another inspector who had arranged to meet him at the scene.

Inspector Giacomelli had been employed with the Pittsburg Police Department for 23 years. He is survived by his wife and two teenage daughters.

The Pittsburg Police Department sent out the following message:

Eleven years ago today, Pittsburg Police Inspector Raymond Giacomelli was killed in the line of duty.  We will always remember and honor Inspector Giacomelli and his family, and we will never forget their sacrifice. 

Members of the Police Department and the Giacomelli family will meet at Ray’s grave site today and reflect on his service and sacrifice.  It was his duty to serve; it is our duty to remember.


  1. He was my good friend & the best neighbor I ever had. I will never forget him. Such a sad, sad day.

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