Pittsburg Police Make Arrest After Female “Pistol Whipped”

Press Release

Photo provided by Pittsburg Police

The Pittsburg Police Department responded to the Motel 6 on July 30 on a report of a kidnapping during which the suspect, “pistol whipped” the female victim with a handgun causing a significant injury, threatened to kill her son, etc.

The suspect was positively identified by the victim and Motel 6 cameras. The suspect in the Motel 6 incident was also found to have an active felony warrant for a similar pistol whip incident that occurred in the City of Oakland days prior. Furthermore, the suspect had just recently been released from prison and was on active parole for prior violent felonies convictions.

On 07/31/20, Pittsburg officers were patrolling the area where the suspect was believed to frequent. Officers located the suspect exiting the same vehicle he was driving during the Motel 6 incident. The suspect fled from the vehicle on foot, a perimeter was established and a short time later he was apprehended without incident.

The vehicle was searched and the above pictured firearm was located inside along with multiple high-capacity magazines and ammunition. The suspect was transported to jail on multiple different charges.


  1. Isn’t this the same MOTEL 6 where the homeless are now housed? Governor Newsom made a speech right outside of it a few weeks ago saying that this is one way to keep the homeless from passing around the virus.

  2. Mr. Ellis this is the same hotel. Times are frightening and the best we can do is pray. If you don’t believe in prayer or God I recommend you seek out for him.

    • Pablo! It’s not a “hotel” but a motel. Do you even know the difference? As to your “recommendation” – why don’t you take it and put it “where the sun don’t shine!”

  3. Can you say high capacity Glock magazines! That big one in the center is maybe a 50 rounder and those others possibly 30 rounders. That small setup right there could kill many and give any cops all and more than they he can handle. That’s a barrage of lead coming at you!

    But yeah y’all keep voting democrat and they’ll keep releasing these wonderful people from jail. 👍

  4. Around the corner in the Walmart center that doughnut and Chinese place are pretty good. But yeah that part of town is a s-hole.

  5. You all voted for this. This is your California Democratic Party and Politics at work. Voting for a president has nothing to do with local politics, and whats happening locally in our city and towns across California,

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