Pittsburg Police Chief Says Reckless Driving Complaints Up 37 Percent

Photo by Pittsburg Police

The Pittsburg Police Department have been stepping up their community outreach efforts showcasing poor driving decisions by drivers in the City of Pittsburg as reckless driving complaints have increased.

Police have been posting photographs of speeding tickets and videos of reckless driving.  They have also made a point to showcase impounded vehicles after poor driving decisions.

In one case, a photograph was posted of a vehicle speeding through the city while running several red lights. Another showed a vehicle running a red light which caused a major traffic collision. In one case, an officer clocked a driver going 94-mph on city streets (with expired tags). Finally, a driver who was driving recklessly crashed into an apartment complex.

The move comes after several members of the community spoke out during the last City Council meeting regarding reckless driving and speeding—including a vehicle crash into a building. The City Council also began discussing the issue before being cut off due to the item not being on the agenda.

Chief Brian Addington explained while they are limited by computer data, he believes reckless driving complaints have doubled over the past two months in terms of reckless driving and exhibition of speed.

Upon request for data regarding reckless driving and police activity in response to complaints, here is data provided by Chief Addington:

  • Reckless driving complaints: have increased 37% in April and May compared to the same two-month period in 2019 (130 up to 178.)
  • 70% of reckless driving complaints happen on Thursday, Friday and Saturday but in the past 60+ days we have seen a marked increase of complaints on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday’s.
  • 10-11am has seen the biggest increase of complaints with a 333% increase (3 to 13.)
  • Stolen vehicle reports increased 48% in April and 270% in May, compared to April and May of 2019.
  • Police have arrested or sought complaints for 9 people for reckless driving in the past 60 days.
  • In 2019, police issued 10,468 traffic citations. Through March we had issues just over 1,700. (April or May data is not yet available)
  • reported collisions to 5/20/2020 were down 13% this year compared to last. Since the SIP was issued, the reported collision are down 22%.
  • Police have responded to 1 fatal collision in the past 60 days and do believe excessive speed was the primary collision factor.

According to Addington, based on the complaints the city has received, they have increased their education through social media posting and showcasing their enforcement efforts throughout the city.

“We have also increased enforcement efforts, and we are working with our traffic engineers to find long-term traffic-calming solutions,” said Addington. “We continue to ask our community to immediately report reckless driving by calling 911 or (925) 646-2441.”


  1. It’s not only in Pittsburg, but everywhere else. The police need to spread out —- with tow trucks nearby — and immediately catch the scumbags and impound their vehicles. . . no questions asked.

    Posting cutsey photos of impounded vehicles and speeders and videos of speeders crashing into structures won’t work. The cops need to really get tough with these clowns

  2. Yes! Reckless driving galore! Just a while ago, a multi-vehicle crash occurred on the Antioch-Pittsburg Highway thanks to speeders! That road has been shut down.

  3. The police/CHP are WAY too lenient with the recklessly-driving scum! They have to make examples out of many of these idiots if they want to send a message!

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