Pittsburg Police Arrest Employer for Conspiracy to Commit Mayhem on an Employee


Joseph Mosis

The owner of Monsam Enterprises (2685 Pittsburg Antioch Highway, Pittsburg), Joseph Mosis, was arrested by the Pittsburg Police Department on Friday for Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Mayhem on a former employee.  Mosis was upset with his former employee over a labor dispute settlement.  This infuriated him and he was looking for what he described as “enforcer” to take care of this employee. Pittsburg Police Detectives learned of his intentions late last week.

On Friday February 21st at 10:00pm, Mosis met with an undercover officer who posed as a “hit man” at a predetermined location.  During their meeting Mosis provided graphic details of how he wanted the former employee to be disfigured and he provided the officer with undisclosed documentation further bolstering his intent to have this crime carried out.  They also agreed on a price for carrying out this crime.

Mosis was arrested shortly after meeting with the officer and search warrants were served at his home and business.  He is currently in custody at county jail with a $1,500,000.00 Bail.  The District Attorney’s Office is scheduled to review the case in the upcoming days.

March 6 Update:
Joseph Mosis who has been held on $1.5 million bail, pleads not guilty on Thursday to one count of attempted aggravated mayhem. He could face up to 9 years in prison. His next court appearance will be in mid-April.


  1. there are diversion programs that this man could of afforded …..he and other men have this anger that is uncontrolled when not thinking …we as pple should think before reacting .he has now hurt his family,friends, wife , his life is over ..planning a murder is almost worse than the crime…….the law will be respected ….period. we all have made mistakes ..but when you hurt others or try believe me you will pay the price for it………….at one point you just gotta grow up and walk away….violence never works.period.

  2. I worked for him for years he was always so passion and gave and gave he provided insurance not only for me but for my husband he paid for a trip to Disneyland even he always is giving to the community this is just so unbelievable to me, knowing both Joseph an the cops I must say it’s the cops I wouldn’t believe and I know how the media twist stories too. I just don’t know. He was always so good to me and my co-workers. Always offering help to everyone even giving away cars. Funny how you don’t hear any of that . I hope I can help in some way. Until I can I am sending prayers to him and his family.

    • Michelle, you must be his wife…I worked for him and he is everything the story makes him out to be…ask any other employees.

      • No I do know his wife though u must of only worked with him a short time. I worked with him for several years and he would even work with the guys oout in the shop. If you did work with him u would at least know his wife’s name it’s alright though nothing to prove karma has proven itself over and over

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