Pittsburg PD: Traffic Enforcement Program to Expand


pittsburg police

Additional traffic enforcement and safer streets are coming to Pittsburg thanks to a recent grant awarded by the California Office of Traffic Safety.  Increased special traffic enforcement measures are being implemented for the Pittsburg Police Department as law enforcement continues their commitment to keeping our roadways safe through both enforcement and education.

Directed traffic enforcement will assist in efforts to deal with traffic safety problems and reduce the number of persons injured in traffic collisions. The grant activities will specifically educate pedestrians and drivers about safety and rules of the road. It also seeks to reduce the amount of speed related collisions, red light violations and other primary collision factors at or near intersections throughout the City of Pittsburg.  Enforcement zones have been established based upon the data obtained through collision reports.

On Thursday, August 8th from 3 PM to 8 PM members of the Pittsburg Police Department Patrol and Traffic Divisions will be conducting directed enforcement efforts at various intersections throughout the city.


    • Wrong. Pittsburg has been in the shadows for years as the “ghetto city” its about time they start focusing more on us and rebuilding our town. Antioch can deal with the crime now, blame the city for allowing section 8 housing to be expanded in your area.

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