Pittsburg: Man Stabbed Multiple Times While Waiting for DMV Appointment

Photo by Pittsburg Police

The Pittsburg Police Department say a victim was stabbed in the neck three times while waiting for a DMV appointment.

According to police, the incident occured at 12:22 pm at the DMV located at 1399 Buchanan Road. Police say witnesses advised that the suspect approached the victim and an altercation ensued. The suspect pulled out a weapon and stabbed the victim 3 times in the neck.

While officers were responding, they spotted the suspect walking away from the scene and took him into custody. The suspect was later positively identified by witnesses. The weapon was also located on the suspect.

The suspect was identified as Malad Raynal Baldwin, 28, an Antioch transient, who was taken to county jail. The victim was “okay” per police.


  1. oh but it isn’t a crime to be homeless; sick of these losers. third serious incident in a week, not counting poor Lucky’s. Hoping we don’t lose that grocery store too because of these dangerous creeps APD just let roam and do whatever. If there weren’t witnesses, they probably wouldn’t have even taken the victim’s word.

  2. Random attack? Did they know each other? ya know, sometimes ya just gotta stick someone.

  3. The article is not correct, the person stabbed is paralyzed on his complete left side from having a seizure from swollen from the stab wound. The knife puncture his spin cord. Be accurate his children does read these articles and comments

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