Pittsburg Man Arrested in Arizona for Sexual Offenses Against Children, $21.4 Million Bond

Photo by Pinal County Sheriff's Office

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of 41-year-old Michael Russell of Pittsburg who was wanted for sex crimes against children.

Russell was found the morning of Saturday, November 23 in San Tan Valley near Combs and Gantzel Roads.

He was wanted for a host of sexual offenses against three children, the abuse beginning when his victims were between the ages of six and eight years old. His crimes took place over an eight-year period, between 1992 and 2000, all happening in Pittsburg, California.

Russell is now being held on a $21.4 million bond.


  1. Why couldn’t the authorities do the same justice for Epstein and all his attendees on his private island where it was a known haven for child molestation? Trump, Clinton, Prince Edward were known for frequenting there. Is it that the super rich are above the law? Stories like this point to yes.

    • Apestein did not kill himself! I repeat, he is not dead he is in Israel with the Mossad!

  2. … so he ran from Pittsburg to Arizona and with the big knot on his forehead makes you wonder if he ran from police when he was arrested. Sounds like he might be guilty.

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