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Pittsburg Family Helps Raise Awareness for Pedestrian Safety After 2-Year-Old’s Death

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The family of two-year-old Ameeya McDonald who died three days after being struck by an SUV in September in a Pittsburg neighborhood is hoping to raise awareness about road and pedestrians safety.

In an event held Sunday at the Pittsburg East County Boys and Girls Club, a dozen families gathered for the World Day of Remembrance for road traffic victims. The event featured tables honoring those who passed before there time along with food, jumpers, and a basketball tournament.

Thomas McDonald, Ameeya’s father, organized the event explained d that it was something he wanted to do to help raise awareness and help prevent other pedestrian deaths which are all preventable.

“The event is World Remembrance Day for road traffic victims and we are just trying to honor those who have gone before us in accidents. We have five families in there representing their loved ones who have passed on due to car accidents or being hit while walking,” said McDonald.  “We are trying to spread awareness of road safety and pedestrian protection.

McDonalnd says the foundation, Stop Stop Stop Ameeya McDonald Foundation, has a lot of ambition to raise awareness and hope to straighten legislation that will help reduce traffic deaths. He hopes to meet with both local and state lawmakers in the future stating the United States Laws are behind the curve—including Congressman George Miller and Supervisor Federal Glover.

McDonald admits he is hoping to branch out the foundation and have their own events in the future to bring people together who share their mission and better network across the county and state.

McDonald stated he is trying to use his daughter’s death as motivation so no one else has to feel the pain he feels.

“The first month was crazy. There was so much pain and the grieving was too much to bare. It was really bad. I found something positive in this and am using all my energy to this and raising awareness,” said McDonald.  “There are things we can do to prevent these deaths. We just have to go out and do it. If we don’t speak and let everyone know how we feel its not going to get done. They are preventable deaths.”

He suggested more speed bumps in neighborhoods which will help reduce speed limits.  He would also like to see more censors on cars as Europe is already using the technology.

Sally Moralez participated in the event to honor and remember her daughter Leticia Hernandez, who died nearly 17-years ago in her boyfriend’s car.

“It’s a beautiful feeling; it’s just something always on my mind and want her name always to be remembered. If we can do anything to prevent it, we will do it,” said Sally Moralez. “People really need to slow down on the roads, pay attention, there are a lot of kids walking around, playing. Its important to pay attention while driving. It’s not good at all.”

Her message to the kids out there and others is to slow down and be aware because losing somebody or child is something that is not a good feeling and it’s devastating.

The event highlighted that traffic accidents are not just a local issue, but its a world problem. The event also highlighted that these accidents do not just effect family, but also extended families and friends.

To find out more about the Stop Stop Stop Ameeya McDonald Foundation, visit them on Facebook.

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