Pittsburg: Driver Trapped After Overturned Vehicle Crash on Kirker Pass


At 8:09 am Tuesday, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District firefighters responded to a report of an overturned vehicle crash that ended off the roadway on Kirker Pass Road near Hess in the City of Pittsburg.

It was reported by a witness that a person was still trapped in the vehicle headed in the southbound direction.

By 8:18 am, Battalion Chief 8 reported he was on scene with a vehicle off the roadway by 10-feet and was on all four wheels.

CONFIRE reported that the driver was trapped and were working to free the occupant.

By 8:30 am, the patient had been extricated from the vehicle.

Check back for updates.


    • It was a 2020 red corvette with round back tires and round chromed wheels Henry. You feel better now Henry?

    • Dummy? Really? What kind of vehicle it was? Maybe somebody you knew was involved? How about what color the vehicle was, the age of the driver, what the weather was at the time, were there any PG&E crews working nearby, etc. etc. etc.
      It was one of probably a thousand stupid little accidents in California yesterday and you’re expecting a full-on accident report?
      What the hell do you do so well that you can call the editor of this news site a “dummy”?

  1. It was a red corvette with round black tires and chromed wheels. It had a steering wheel and 2seats, even had a license plates that were fastened with screws. You need anything else Henry?

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