Pittsburg: D.U.I. Checkpoint on Railroad Avenue Tonight


pittsburg police

The Pittsburg Police Department will be conducting a drivers license and sobriety checkpoint tonight on Railroad Avenue.  This checkpoint is in partnership with the Office of Traffic Safety.

Officers will be looking for signs of alcohol and/or drug impairment, and drivers license status; delaying motorists only momentarily.

Drivers caught driving impaired can expect the impact of a DUI arrest to include jail time, fines, fees, DUI classes, other expenses that can exceed $10,000.

The Pittsburg Police Department wishes you Happy Holidays, please drive safe.


  1. Why don’t we do “Red light running check points” Every light controlled intersection has at least 2,3,4, red light runners every cycle. Why???? It’s time to stop this. Yes STOP . How about a honk your horn at the red light runner campaign. We can do this.

    • You can honk all you want, don’t come here crying when the bullets start flying in your direction. In this day in age, its best not to instigate a confrontation.

    • I’m with you. There ARE more than I can remember… or am I just more noticing of it now that my kids drive? Either way… I agree.

  2. I wonder why the media tells the public about DUI checkpoints because people will just avoid that area? That info will fly through a bar in light seconds. Just wondering if it was required by law?

    • Typically, if the Government is going to sponsor the usurpation of your rights, then yes they should publish that. While I abhor the actions of drunken drivers, I find the removal of my rights a far greater concern. If they want to stop this, there are technological advances that can prevent this from occurring without stopping me without just cause and asking for my papers. Install systems in EVERY car that prevents the operation if a drunk is driving, but don’t take away my rights.

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