Pittsburg City Council Set to Establish Flag and Proclamation Schedule


On March 2, the Pittsburg City Council will consider establishing a Commemorative Flag and Proclamation Schedule for the City of Pittsburg

The move comes after the city council established an ad-hoc committee to review the protocol for raising flags in honor of nationally proclaimed monthly observances.

On June 24, 2019, the City Council adopted an Outdoor Flagpole Display Policy that provides guidance and standards for the outdoor display of flags at City flagpoles. Per the adopted policy, the City Council shall only consider a request to display a commemorative flag if the request is made by a member of the Pittsburg City Council. At the June 24, 2019, meeting, the City Council also voted to direct staff to fly the Rainbow Pride flag in honor of LGBTQ Pride Month.

On October 21, 2019, the City Council adopted a resolution directing staff to fly the Filipino and Italian flags in honor of Filipino American History Month and Italian American Heritage and Culture Month, respectively.

On February 5, 2020, staff presented a preliminary commemorative flag schedule for calendar year 2020 to the Community Advisory Commission (CAC). The CAC voted 7-0 in favor of recommending a schedule that included continuing to fly the commemorative flags approved in 2019 during the applicable months of celebration (LGBTQ Pride Flag during the month of June; Italian Flag and Filipino Flag during the month of October), as well as a flag commemorating Black History Month in February, and the Japanese Flag in the event delegates from Pittsburg’s Sister City, Shimonoseki, Japan, make a formal visit. The CAC did not make any recommendations regarding proclamations.

Event (Month of Celebration/Event)

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January)
  • Human Trafficking Awareness Month (January)
  • Black History Month (February)
  • Red Cross Month (March)
  • World Down Syndrome Day (March)
  • Cesar Chavez Day (March)
  • National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April)
  • National Library Week (April)
  • National Fair Housing Month (April)
  • Arbor Day (April)
  • Earth Day and Civic Pride Day (April)
  • Bike to Work Day (May)
  • LGBTQ Pride Month (June)
  • Juneteenth (June)
  • Relay for Life (June)
  • National Night Out (August)
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15)
  • Clean Air Day (September)
  • National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October)
  • National Arts and Humanities Month (October)
  • National Filipino American History Month (October)
  • National Italian American Heritage Month (October)
  • National Immigrants Day (October)
  • Veteran’s Day (November)
  • * Whenever possible, proclamations shall be read prior to and/or during the month in which the event


Staff Report Documents:


  1. The Rainbow Pride Flag was stolen from the Bible when God promised not to flood the Earth again.

  2. I know who took the rainbow flag and they should keep it on private events , not public buildings. Government should not promote any specific opinion via flag or voice. This will cause serious unrest among conflicting beliefs. Government neutrality is what allows our country success. Freedom is the only public promotion not individual separate idealogic beliefs in government. They should be done privately on private property. It lessens Public conflict yet allows for free thought and ideas.

  3. I don’t see anything for law enforcement appreciation day (Jan 9th) or National Police Week May 10 – 16, 2020. I guess bike to work day and national fair housing month are way more important.

      • I remember that line from the award-winning film. Good ole Gene Hackman! Where is he now? I’m sure we could come up with more celebratory days and months.

  4. City governments should not get into political stuff. Your job is to run the city’s business on a day-to-day basis. Showing favoritism to one group or another is just divisive and makes many of the residents very angry. So, just cease and desist.

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