Photos: SUV Injures Three at Turner School in Antioch


Beverly Knight of Antioch was kind enough to provide me with these photos she took this morning of the accident in Antioch that injured three at Turner School. She also has informed me that Delta Fair Blvd. will be blocked off until after 5:00 pm.


Via Contra Costa Times:

ANTIOCH — Police arrested one of two men in a speeding SUV that struck and seriously injured a crossing guard, her son and a student’s mother on Tuesday morning outside Turner Elementary School.

The crash happened about 8:05 a.m., when the SUV sped eastbound on Delta Fair Boulevard after apparently trying to avoid a line of traffic at the school, Captain Steve McConnell said.

The 4-door Audi SUV reportedly dipped out of the line of cars, turned right into the school, accelerated to speeds approaching 60 mph in the 25 mph zone, and hit a Toyota Camry turning left onto westbound School Street, McConnell said. The SUV flipped on its side into a driveway on the 4200 block of Delta Fair Boulevard, crashing into the victims on the corner of Delta Fair and School streets.

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    • Apparently the city has just recently, since the accident, decided to put in a stop LIGHT at that 4-way intersection at Belle Drive and Delta Fair Blvd. It has been a stop SIGN for many years so I don’t see what difference a light will make since the city abounds with red light runners…..4 or 5 for each and every light change.