Photos: Antioch PD Responds to Saturday Shooting Incident on Cavallo Rd.


On Saturday June 15, the Antioch Police Department responded to a stabbing and shooting incident on Cavallo Road which resulted in an arrest.  Four police cars were on scene along with American Medical Response and Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.

According to neighbors, a man was getting a tattoo at a home when another man walked in and didn’t like it. A stabbing occurred followed by multiple gun shots. One man exited through a window to escape and injured his leg. Blood spots could be seen on the driveway.  Antioch PD arrived on scene and took both men involved into custody.

It should also be noted that while this incident was occurring, another incident down the street began which forced two police vehicles to exit the scene quickly to lend an assist.


Donald Fosselman, 49, was arrested for the stabbing after witnesses at his duplex in the 1600 block of Cavallo Road. Shortly after the incident, a hospital reported a stabbing which police interviewed the 43-year-old resident and determined he was the victim from the incident. Police said that although the man’s injuries were substantial, they were not life threatening. The man was treated for three  stab wounds to his armpit, tricep and upper chest, and is expected to be released from the hospital at some point today.

Below are some of the photographs of the incident:

On a side note:
Antioch PD gets some kudos here for keeping the peace and crowd control during this incident as it brought out many neighbors and folks trying to find out what happened. In speaking with several neighbors, they were grateful for Antioch PD’s fast response and for preventing a bigger incident. They shared with me that it seems like the only time we get to meet our neighbors is when the police show up and it brings everyone outside.  Many neighbors expressed their frustration with crime and want it to end and everyone just get along.


  1. Being a resident on this street, I am very happy with how Antioch PD responded to my neighborhood. I heard multiple shots and scared the hell otu of me. Thank you Antioch PD for quick action and resolution. I echo the comments at the bottom of article, we all need to take responsibility and end the crime. I am thankful for the photographs because its showing just how dangerous its become to even play outsie.

  2. Why were both men involved taken into custody? If a man is attacked and stabbed he is within his rights to defend himself is he not?

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